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Disney's California Adventure - Members' Comments

Topic: Disney's California Adventure
fearfalllover 01-Apr-2003 08:50:47
Cool but remove the Scream Sheild on Maliboomer they are as bad as a gas mask thingy I had to where on a reverse bungee attraction.

IndyJones 24-Aug-2003 19:23:12
I like it for the most part and can't wait for ToT! I think California Screamin' is great and it nice and long. I think it isn't quite up to Disney's theming level but ToT is probably change that.

janeekarls 29-Dec-2004 01:03:02
D'sCA is way too expensive for what you get as with anything else that is Disney related. It definitley needs more attractions (got through the park in half a day), but is a great place for young children. California Screamin is an OK coaster, nothin really special about it, but it is quite a long ride as far a roller coasters go.

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Xtreme_Gz 08-May-2005 06:09:29
D's CA is a great family park but with mostly pre-teens.Mullohond Madness and CA Screamin are pretty Crazy for a Disney Ride and Grizzly River Run was the best Rapids ride I've Been on.its fast and wet and makes you drop 40 ft down with the raft freely spinning.

dormboi 10-Jun-2005 07:05:25
DCA is an awesome park that has unfairly gotten a bad rap by some extreme Disney fanatics who were expecting something else than what was built. Similar to the challenges when Epcot first opened over 20 years ago by that park's unique differences from the Magic Kingdom, DCA is vastly different from its big sister it lives next too in Anaheim, but offers many wonderful and unique experiences from Disneyland. Soarin Over California is awesome, Grizzly River Run is the best raft ride ever, Screamin is the best Disney coaster built to date, the Disney Animation attraction blows away the Florida version at the Disney/MGM Studios, Golden Dreams is a wonderfully crafted film, Aladdin is the best stage show ever produced on any theme park stage anywhere (and I'm not alone in that judgement as the show just won the best theme park stage show award), Tower of Terror is a better version than its older sister in Florida, and now with Block Party Bash parade/street show that is running as part of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland and the coming Monsters Inc. attraction, the park has even more to offer. If you haven't been, go see it for yourself and make your own judgements.

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medusarox 13-Nov-2005 15:54:04
this is a great park. I love California screamin, u wont find a coaster in cali nearly as long as that baby. The whole theming of Paradise peir was just wasome it felt like you are really at a beach bordwalk or a carnival peir. The best rapids ride is also in dca, Grizzly river run. If you make atrip down to southern Cali for a few days u have to visit this park.

TATSUFAN 16-Feb-2006 09:49:40
this is one beautiful park. i really love the themeing to this park.

the balloons are beautiful aswell.

ride the two coasters there awesome. don't forget the tower of terror, that's sweet!

rlrcoasterdude21 14-Apr-2008 05:58:28
I rlly love this park- the theming and rides are great. California Screamin is a really awesome ride- one of a kind as well. The tower of terror is also a 'must visit' attraction, for me atleast. the masks on maliboomer need to be taken out, though, even if they're there just to quiet down screaming ppl that can be heard by nearby homes...

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