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Alton Towers - Members' Comments

Topic: Alton Towers
dkeeping 27-Feb-2003 11:28:54
This park is a must see and is the best park in the Tussards Company (chessington,thorpe park and alton towers) The Hotel is a must stay it has lots of rooms which support a theme ie. chocolate, coca cola and the park its self is wicked the only problem is it can get v busy

Unregistered 29-Mar-2003 10:55:43
Best park in the UK and one of the best rides in the World - Nemesis. Air is absolutely fantastic, better ridden if you assume the superman position of clenched fist. Corkscrew is very dated now. Oblivion is a one thrill wonder but that one thrill ..............

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slimjim86uk 10-Apr-2003 20:35:45
Alton towers is an incredible theme park experience, its theming throughout makes for a very interesting day out and the rides outclass many troughout the world, and definatly anywhere in the uk.Nemasis alone is a more exciting experience than any other roller coaster i have tried. i miss the early 90's days in which the park was more like a circus, with entertainers and such around the park, which are no longer included, but still it is a park you have to see to believe.a Great park, it can only get better,and i cant wait.

Christopher M-U 13-Jun-2003 09:25:40
I went to Alton Towers Last year during the Summer holidays and I thought it was great despite the fact that in some places it was quite busy. I've only been once but I'll probably be able to go more often as mt step grand parents live about 20-30 minutes away from the park. I'm quite surprised that the seats on Air were sooo comfortable in all the positions you go in. In the station when the carriages moved up I said to my friend I could fall asleep in these.

joestar2003 22-Jul-2003 20:43:45
Alton Towers is without doubt the best Theme Park in the UK. Oblivion is the only ride I have been on which makes my eyes water, only worth the queue once, but that one time is fantastic. Nemesis is absolutely brilliant and the 4 times I queued was nearly 5. Black Hole is worth a go too! Very clean, but very busy. A week here wouldn't have been long enough for me.

fazer2 22-Aug-2003 09:36:55
went to alton towers last year bril park ,i think £26 is to much to pay then £2 car park there having a laugh .NEMESIS is the best ride on the park,OBLIVION is good but not very long,AIR is crap not inpressed by this ride at all ,the park owners need to listern to what the public want in a park .im not nocking a towers because i enjoy it

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liamfagan2000 02-Dec-2003 19:51:33
Alton towers rocks

trav 22-Dec-2003 18:11:38
all i can say is,anyone who doesn't like Alton Towers is a psycopathic idiot!

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mossy 29-Feb-2004 10:31:13
Alton towers is a great theme park but the first day it opens the rides are never working properly SO I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO GO ON 27 of March the rides will be dodgey and alot of the training staff wont be very good as it is there first day

Raid 16-Apr-2004 15:11:59
All i have to say is... AIR is anything but crap. Infact it is the best ride ever designed and built. And lots of people will agree right? Oblivion is also a fantastic ride. And anyone who doesn't like alton towers, all i can say is that there must be something seriously wrong with them!!!

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