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Busch Gardens Tampa to get Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Wild Maus in 2004
Posted by: Webmaster | 23 November 2003 16:18

To make way for a new as of yet undisclosed attraction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the park's Wild Maus coaster will be relocated to Busch Gardens Tampa.

The Wild Mouse will be called Cheetah Chase, and will be located close to the Ubanga-Banga bumper cars in Timbuktu. It will replace the kiddie ride Crazy Camel.

Both rides are set to open in 2004.

For more info, read the

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Busch Gardens Tampa to get Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Wild Maus in 2004
    Englishdog 28-Nov-2003 17:38:17
    I wonder if a attraction will have to be shutdown? I hope Montu,or Kumba won't have to close they are really fun rides. I hope somebody will know well I'll just pray and hope things turn out good.

    I also wish that none of the animals will have to be removed.

    Bill 28-Nov-2003 23:42:19
    Believe me they wont have to close montu or kumba for a wild mouse! This thing is about the size of a gift shop. (oh and it's over braked)

    Alex-wOOt 08-Dec-2003 20:37:13
    Good for them i say

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