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New policies at Six Flags parks for 2006
Posted by: Webmaster | 19 January 2006 18:52

Six Flags announced on January 19, that all parks in the chain would become smoke-free environments. This initiative expands on current park policy, which states that guests cannot smoke in children's areas, ride lines or waterparks. Designated smoking zones will be set-aside within each park to accommodate the parks' smoking patrons. This measure is the newest element in the company's commitment to improving the family entertainment experience throughout the Six Flags chain.

In addition to this change, several parks have seen dramatic increases in admission charges. In 2005, a single day admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain cost $49.99, it has now increased to $59.99. Six Flags America has also seen a $10 increase as has Six Flags Great Adventure.

Admission charges are not the only thing to have increased, some car park charges have also increased by as much as 50%. Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags America, and Six Flags Great Adventure all charge $15, as opposed to $10 the previous year.

Some parks are also no longer allowing same day readmission, for example Six Flags Great Adventure, so you can no longer get a handstamp, leave the park and return the same day unless you are a seasons pass holder.

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Topic: New policies at Six Flags parks for 2006
medusarox 20-Jan-2006 21:41:48
I dont understand why six flags is doing this. the re-entry policy has espiaccally tweaked me because i leave my park a lot to get some food or sunscreen and change my clothes when im soaked after a water ride i just dont get it.

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