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Six Flags considering selling more parks, including Magic Mountain
Posted by: Webmaster | 23 June 2006 03:29

Here is a summary of some of the key points noted at the last Six Flags Conference Call. You can read the full report here.

1) Goals reiterated of improving park operations, appearance, and overall brand image.

2) Season pass sales are off slightly as prices increased, but season pass per caps up 10 percent.

3) Discussed how poor the brand image had dropped. New rides opening in June? Not good in Mark's eyes.

4) Season pass sales down 550,000. 62 percent of the total drop (1.3 million) in overall attendance is the 12-17 age group. Parks not acting as babysitters anymore. Increased pricing has attracted more families.

5) Part of the attendance drop from last year is the 220,000 lost from SFNO not being open.

6) Per capita guest spending up 14 percent through June 18.

7) Corporate sponsorships up. Sponsorship revenue (mostly Coke) was $19 million. By end of calendar year 2006, this number projected to reach $29 million.

8) Greatest challenge in company is staffing. Need of better quality seasonal employees. Also need of mid level supervisors and trainers.

9) Too much reliance on foreign student employee program. These workers don't speak fluent english in many cases and are not trained properly.

10) Big rides are easy to market, but guests return because of the 'Disney' type experience. Better overall experience. He referred to Hershey and their new dark ride. People aren't going to Hershey for the dark ride. They're going because of the family friendly reputation the park has.

11) $10 million less spent in media/marketing. They are going after the 'moms', which cost more to reach. He said he can't market the new six flags when he can't yet deliver the new six flags.

12) Double edge sword with regards to marketing coasters- $88 million spent on four new coasters this year. If you don't market these rides to the teens, you're wasting marketing dollars. By marketing to teens, you're not marketing to Six Flags' new target audience.

13) $3 million over budget on El Toro, and 3 hour waits due to single train op through July. Other late openings- Tatsu at SFMM, Catapult at SFNE, Big Kahuna at SFDL.

14) Beginning Monday June 26 through August 1, a marketing blitz will take place. Television, radio, print. Level of discounts the same, but gate prices are higher.

15) Land of Astroworld was sold for $77 million. Sold assets of Wyandot Lake to Columbus Zoo for $2 million. Finalized lease of Sacramento waterpark and may look to sell the rides back to the park. Closing both Oklahoma City parks. Gurnee, IL and Eureka, MO selling parcels of extra land.

16) Explore options to sell SFDL, Waterworld in Concord, SFEG, Enchanted Parks, Splashtown Houston, SFMM and Hurricane Harbor. Factors: is property in line with stragetic vision, is there value in real estate, has there been interest expressed for the properties?

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags considering selling more parks, including Magic Mountain
    ukcoasterlad 23-Jun-2006 18:29:26
    A possibility that SFMM will be sold?

    Thats it then................the end of MY coaster career!

    Mel 23-Jun-2006 19:06:11
    looka wat ya meen enda ya k'rea ya neva ad 1 ya ding

    ya ent dun kak all coaterz dis yea

    ma track record is gonna be pua kushty it be belta innit

    am gowin magic mountain!!! where u gowin de huricanes will git ya

    (*) `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·MeL`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· (*)

    --- This message was edited by on 23-Jun-2006 19:08:21 ---

    offernissim 24-Jun-2006 06:50:45
    This is an outrage! I can't even believe that Six Flags is considering selling their flagship park. This is going to be such great loss if they end up selling the park to money hungry developers who are interested in dismantling the park to build other neighborhoods or businesses. This is of the BEST theme parks out there. I know the CEO wants to make the parks more family oriented and get rid of all the teen hooplah, but you don't have to sell a park and tear it down in order to do so. Just make great changes to it to make Magic Mountain an even better park. I think that would be a much better investment than selling it and having someone tear it down. I live alot closer to SF Over Georgia and to me, I much rather prefer SFMM any day compared to that one or some of their other parks. Cedar Fair are you watching, I know you just bought Paramount Parks, but MM would be a HUGE asset to you or heck maybe even Busch parks...DON'T LET A CLASSIC PARK DIE!!!

    SirAlex 25-Jun-2006 15:21:16
    Not good, very sad, but i think Cedar Fair are going to win this fight, but i hope that MM will get owned by somebody, who wants to take care of the theme park

    Xtreme_Gz 28-Jun-2006 17:51:03
    Well there's only one person to blame about this tragedy....MARK SHAPIRO!!!! It was probably his idea to raise the prices anyway.

    BTW I would'nt worry about Magic Mountain being sold. One of there Roller Coasters is a Historic Landmark and if there willing to tear down the park and put in houses. Revolution will still stand with screaming guests...(hopefully) so why should they sell Magic Mountain.

    But if they're willing to sell it at least to other theme park companies that aren't Lazy! to fix up the park...The Six flags company has gone completly down the drain. I bet if Cedar Fair bought this park they would re-open every single ride and paint it and possibly make it the best park in California (besides Disneyland...beating that park is practically inevitable)

    --- This message was edited by on 28-Jun-2006 17:57:19 ---

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