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Pleasure Beach Blackpool announce Infusion - a new water themed Suspended Looping roller coaster
Posted by: Webmaster | 24 November 2006 18:00

After months of speculation, bosses at Blackpool Pleasure Beach have revealed the latest whiteknuckle ride for the resort The new £8million rollercoaster, called Infusion, will be unveiled in spring in time for the theme park's new season.

It replaces the Pleasure Beach's popular Log Flume which was retired in September after almost 40 years.

The new 200ft animal', which will feature death-defying loops on twisted tracks and incorporate water effects, will be using parts of the Traumatizer ride from the axed Southport Pleasureland, also owned by the Thompson family, which closed overnight in early September.

The new blue and turquoise Infusion ride has been designed by the Dutch Vekoma group, creators of the original Traumatizer.

Pleasure Beach's deputy managing director, Nick Thompson, said: 'There have been some elements of the Traumatizer taken from Southport and incorporated into the ride, there is a little similarity between the two rides.'

Billed as featuring 'five incredible loops and rolls, a looming lake glittering below, a deliciously wicked double line twist and awesome water effects all in one cool suspended looping coaster,' Infusion will add to the amusement park's other whiteknuckle rides including the Iron Brew Revolution, opened in 1979, the Pepsi Max Big One, unveiled in 1994, the Ice Blast, opened in 1998, and the Valhalla from 2000.

Mr Thompson said: 'The ride will be above the lake used for the Log Flume and will be one of the first ever rides to be based totally above water. It will have some water effects including a few cascading walls of water.

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    Topic: Pleasure Beach Blackpool announce Infusion - a new water themed Suspended Looping roller coaster
    jwb1995 25-Nov-2006 12:48:44
    Cool! I hope it's not too scary!!!!!!!

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    natty95 18-Dec-2006 20:24:34
    This ride sounds wiked!

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