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Six Flags sells 7 parks for $312 million
Posted by: Webmaster | 11 January 2007 20:05

Six Flags, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to sell three of its water parks and four of its theme parks to PARC 7F-Operations Corporation (PARC) of Jacksonville, FL for $312 million, consisting of $275 million in cash and a note receivable for $37 million.

The seven parks are: Six Flags Darien Lake in Buffalo, NY; Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver, CO; Frontier City and the White Water Bay water park in Oklahoma City, OK; SplashTown in Houston, TX; Waterworld USA in Concord, CA; and Wild Waves and Enchanted Village in Seattle, WA.

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Topic: Six Flags sells 7 parks for $312 million
dEsPeRaDoFrEaK 23-Jan-2007 18:56:55
thats good at least SfMM isnt in the deal

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