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Cedar Point accident leaves three injured on Magnum XL-200
Posted by: Webmaster | 27 May 2007 00:28

Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point Amusement Park was shut down on Saturday at about 11 a.m. after a minor accident.

The incident was caused when a train did not stop completely in the braking area and continued to roll into the holding area. The train was traveling less than 10 mph when it bumped the stopped train.

Three people were taken to the first aid center. Two were treated and released. The third passenger was transported to an area hospital for an asthma condition.

The ride was closed immediately and will remain closed until the cause of the incident has been determined.

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Cedar Point accident leaves three injured on Magnum XL-200
    kccrazy4u 29-May-2007 15:25:51
    this ride is due to be torn down. It is not the coaster it once was. it is rough and the cue lines for it are mercifully short. We have a better copy of this coaster at Worlds Of Fun (Kansas City) and it has three set of breaks on the way back to the holding area. That is something I noticed that Magnum doesnt have. It needs more breaks near the holding area. This is where they can take this coaster out and put in another B&M; coaster. Unfortunately the ACE club has said it is a landmark coaster being the first to top over 200 feet (Millenium should have a landmark being the first to top over 300 feet).

    CedarPoint_Freak 16-Jun-2007 22:03:32
    big whoop, so the brakes failed on Magnum. for a coaster of this age its amazing it hasnt had more incidents and its not going to be taken down its just going to thrill riders for the years ot come.

    Chris_Gottschalk 22-Jun-2007 05:02:45
    There is no reason Magnum XL-200 has to be torn down. Other parks contain coasters that have been around since the 40s or earlier and no one's talking about taking them down!

    HANEEF 22-Jun-2007 18:24:57
    THIS ride should not be torn down because it is a ledgend.I think ACE IS right MagnumXL-200 IS a landmark.But Millenium should also be a landmark when it gets older and TTD.

    coastergurl101 25-Jun-2007 23:45:41
    i do not like this ride but DO NOT think it should be torn down it was to jerky mabye it was because i had a headache

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