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Rhyl Ocean Beach Fun Fair closed down
Posted by: jimlowe | 03 November 2007 02:11

Rhyl Ocean Beach finally closed on 2nd September 2007, as the land has been sold for redevelopment.

The Jet Stream coaster has been demolished for scrap, as a buyer could not be found.

The Water Chute log ride was also demolished but the boats and key mechanical parts were salvaged by the Save Dreamland campaign for a possible future project.

The Pepsi Cola Loop has been dismantled for removal.

Remaining rides have been removed or demolished for scrap.

Demolition of the whole site is in progress during October 2007.

You can read more at the following related links:

BBC News.

Save Dreamland.

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    Topic: Rhyl Ocean Beach Fun Fair closed down
    kenneth 03-Nov-2007 12:24:16
    Not surprised really. The BBC News article says it all.

    love_rollercoasters 10-Nov-2007 13:23:20

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