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42 Hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes at Holiday World
Posted by: Webmaster | 25 June 2009 14:59

A filter pump malfunction in a water ride at Southern Indiana's Holiday World and Splashin' Safari caused fumes that sent 42 people to a hospital with breathing troubles.

Park president Will Koch said the pump sent highly concentrated levels of bleach and muriatic acid into the Bahari River waters on Saturday. Lifeguards immediately got everyone out of the water ride and closed off the area.

Jasper Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Rita Howell says 24 people were taken to the hospital by ambulance and 18 arrived on their own. Two people were kept overnight for observation and have since been released.

Koch says repairs have been made and the ride has reopened.

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    Topic: 42 Hospitalized after inhaling toxic fumes at Holiday World
    MavrickRocks 03-Jul-2009 03:50:55
    Good thing, i was about to go to holiday world ,but went to cedar point instead

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