Blackpool Pleasure Beach removes wooden Wild Mouse

Posted by: webmaster | 06 January 2018 21:13

Reports are coming in that the Wild Mouse has been dismantled and removed as of January 1, 2018. This was one of only three remaining wooden Wild Mouse in the world and waqs a favorite ride in the park of many.

The Pleasure Beach issued this statement on the Facebook page of the European Coaster Club:

'After very careful consideration and planning, our current winter work programme has seen the permanent closure and dismantling of the Wild Mouse and the removal of the facade of the former Trauma Tower attractions. This will create an area for future exciting developments.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a constantly evolving amusement park and has been for the past 122 years. The changes it has seen over the years are what has made it the great park it is today. This, coupled with a relatively small amount of space, means that in order to progress and look to the future we occasionally need to alter the landscape of the park to make way for future developments.'

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06-Jan-2018 21:16:56

Shock horror! This was one of my favorite rides. I AM TOTALLY NOT IMPRESSED BY THIS DECISION.

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