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American Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

American Adventure

Park Info
Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Status: Defunct
Opened: 1987 - 2006

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
There are no coasters listed for this park

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Missile 5.61 23
2. Twin Looper 5.09 22
3. Runaway Train 5.08 24
4. Mini Mine Rush 5.00 1
5. Buffalo Stampede 3.50 24
Member Ratings
Park: 4.8/10 (20 votes)
Coasters: 0.0/10 (0 votes)
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  • American Adventure closes down (06-Jan-2007)
  • American Adventure park guide and photo gallery added (26-Apr-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: American Adventure
    Damandan 27-Apr-2003 19:30:40
    The park is in a terrible mess and if the rumours are true it will be closing for good at the end of this season. AA was supposed to build a 'big' ride this year to hopefully turn around its fortunes but JCB World was built instead. I'm afraid the hopes of Six Flags rescuing AA are very unlikely and the only bidders who have been interested in the park are Pontins but they withdrew a bid nearly as quickly as they made it.

    fazer2 22-Aug-2003 10:12:39
    whats happerning to this park its a shambles i used to enjoy this park because its only 45 mins away from us it would be a shame for it to close.another park to hit the dust what a shame ,if they built more exciting rides people would return instead they build boring ones and people cant be bothered .i like to see someone take this in there hands and sort it out

    --- This message was edited by fazer2 on Aug 22, 2003 10:14:12 AM ---

    MartinBranford 27-Jan-2006 14:10:34
    my first and last visit to AA was in the summer of the 2005 season!

    the park layout reminds me alot of 'Leafy Lake' from the original RCT

    when i went there the Missile was closed (vekoma boomerang), the rapids were closed and the giant log flume was closed (being demolised because it was a good ride! Now the Missile has gone to Pleasurewood Hills in Norfolk but rapids are ment to reopen! the main reason for all these changes is that they are now aiming the theme park at famalies! not a good thing to do!i personally think the Thompson family (BPB owners) should purchase it so they will have 2 little parks to send all the BPB reject rides and that would still make it a million times better!Alton towers aims at thrill seekers but cant build tall rides but AA can build tall rides (so youd think they could make good competition for alton towers) but they change it to a family park!

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