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Legoland California

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Legoland California
Location: Carlsbad, California, 92008, United States
Status: Operating since 1999
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
SeaWorld San Diego - 25.79 miles
Belmont Park - 25.79 miles
Disney's California Adventure - 41.95 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Lego Technic Test Track 6.34 41
2. Dragon 5.60 50
3. Coastersaurus 4.12 16
1. Spellbreaker 4.35 23

Legoland California - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 7.1/10 (40 votes)
Coasters: 5.7/10 (107 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Legoland California
    fearfalllover 01-Apr-2003 09:38:40
    It a okay park, reasonbly expensive. Spellbreaker is painful for ages 10 upwards male. Dragon is BORING and babyish. Test Track was going without brakes on corners and is way funner.

    empireman46 16-Jul-2003 10:35:15
    I went to this park in it's first year. It was alright but was expensive. I really liked the miniland area. Being a big fan of the lego products made it even more facinating. The dragon coaster was okay but the scenery on the ride was immpressive. When I went Spell Breaker and Technic coaster were not built.

    Xtreme_Gz 08-May-2005 06:22:27
    Man it was a long time ago.I went when technic Coaster was built and I guess that was there thrilling ride there (considering its a kids park)but now there mentioning this knights duel coaster that you can effect the thrill of the ride.I just hope its as thrilling as they mention it.

    cedarpointfreak50 14-Oct-2006 14:48:02
    DRAGON: A well-themed enjoyable junior coaster. 5/10
    SPELLBREAKER: OUCH! Glad this ride is gone! 2/10
    LEGO TEST TRACK: Very over-braked wild mouse, first drop is a lot of fun though. 7/10

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