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Knoebels - Amusement Theme Park Info


Park Info
Location: Elysburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1926

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Phoenix 9.21 145
2. Twister 8.50 133
3. Flying Turns 8.00 5
4. High Speed Thrill Coaster 5.72 112

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Jet Star 5.60 10
2. Whirlwind 4.55 115
Member Ratings
Park: 8.7/10 (124 votes)
Coasters: 8.0/10 (395 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Knoebels closes due to flooding (29-Jun-2006)
  • Knoebels park guide and photo gallery updated (10-Sep-2004)
  • Mentally challenged man injured on Sky Ride at Knoebels (UPDATED) (01-Jul-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Knoebels
    TheFlyingDutchman 19-Aug-2002 21:33:39
    I am only 25 min from the park, so i go often. Phoenix and Twister are 2 awesome woodies, and unfortunatly, they dont have a steel coaster to follow them up. They could use a nice B&M; Invert there that swoops through the trees while packing in 4-5 Inversions. This park is great, but no steel coaster is the only flaw.

    Black 7 04-Nov-2002 23:55:55
    As you have said, Knoebel's does indeed lack a good classic steel coaster. It is a shame, they did have a Jet Star, but it became too costly to mantain it. I belive that their two woodies overshadow any lacking in steel though.

    bsmith2510 23-Feb-2003 08:21:35
    Nice park for people on a budget. NO parking fee and no admission fee. Great food and two great woodies make this a great park. I live about 2 hours away and make a trip atleast once a year.

    bkpowers19 03-May-2003 05:56:53
    What's New and Exciting this year? Come to Knoebels for three great new rides. The Scenic Skyway is due to open Memorial Day weekend and is located next to the bumper boats, this ride will surely be exciting as it will pass over the enterance to the parking areas at the park. The Super Roundup wich is located back near the International Food Court or next to the Paradrop, and the Flume, and the Rockin Tug wich is located over near Power Surge the Big Wheel, and Downdraft. From the staff at Knoebels we hope to see you back this year! We hope you will spend alittle more time with us this year and enjoy all that the park offers.

    --- This message was edited by bkpowers19 on May 3, 2003 5:57:49 AM ---

    MovieCoast 02-Jul-2003 20:56:35
    I love Knoebels. It's my favorite place in the whole world, but sadly I haven't been there in THREE YEARS!!! And I only live about 2.5 hrs away. If I could drive and had a car I'd go there every summer day! I miss you Knoebels!!!

    TwisterTitan723 06-Jul-2003 20:57:34
    Oh my god I LOVE Knoebels. I live about one and a half hours away and i go there at least once every summer. The food is great, the coasters are classic(except for the steel), and some of the rides are very old-fashioned. The two water rides (Flume and Skloosh) are some of the best, and the Grand Carousel is amazingly beautiful. Look for the Phoenix, and, if you have kids, the words 'I'm bored' will never be heard. I love you, Knoebels!

    --- This message was edited by TwisterTitan723 on Aug 20, 2003 3:37:44 AM ---

    Phoenix 30-Jun-2006 01:33:14
    All I can say about this park is that it is the BEST amusement park, bar none. I go to different parks every year, but Knoebels in July is an automatic for me and I always have the time of my life. Couldn't recommend this park and it's 2 ( soon to be 3) awesome woodies more. No price to park and no price to enter. Pay as you ride or buy a wristband for the day and the food is top notch and well priced!

    cedarpointfreak50 14-Oct-2006 01:53:07
    HIGH SPEED THRILL COASTER- One of the best junior coasters you'll find. 5/10
    TWISTER- Very good wood twister with a couple spots of big airtime. 8/10
    PHOENIX- Even more airtime than Twister. VERY GOOD WOODIE! 9/10

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