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Dorney Park - Amusement Theme Park Info

Dorney Park

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Dorney Park
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Status: Operating since 1884
Links: Official Website

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Talon 8.51 220
2. Hydra the Revenge 8.10 99
3. Steel Force 8.09 228
4. Possessed 7.93 30
5. Thunderhawk 6.36 222
6. Wild Mouse 5.13 167
7. Dragon Coaster 4.10 71
8. Woodstock Express 3.77 79
9. Little Laser 3.53 47

# Previous Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Laser 6.14 217
2. Flying Dutchman 5.72 18
3. Hercules 5.58 158
4. Wild Mouse 5.43 7
5. Kiddie Coaster 4.00 6
Member Ratings
Park: 7.5/10 (191 votes)
Coasters: 6.7/10 (1163 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Dorney Park announces new ride for 2004 (17-Feb-2004)
  • Hercules at Dorney Park to be disassembled (04-Sep-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Dorney Park
    scottmitchell 01-Aug-2002 16:03:10
    Every coaster here is great, with the exception of Lazer. That is just because it is so intense coming out of the second loop. This park is great during the week, mostly in the morning. And with the waterpark so close, you can go cool off and still come back to ride Talon and Steel Force. Don't miss this park when driving through SE Pennsylvania.

    --- This message was edited by scottmitchell on Aug 1, 2002 4:06:45 PM ---

    ApollosChariot210 09-Sep-2002 03:30:31
    I would just like to add, i disagree with you saying Talon is not intense. I think it is a great, fast paced ride, and the brake before the Immelmann wasnt used. But overall DP is a great park, and all the coasters but Hercules are great.

    bsmith2510 23-Feb-2003 08:38:41
    Talon and steel force make the entrance fee worth admission alone. Two great steel coasters. Also Hurcules is a great woody, it beats you up a bit but it's still a classic. It dives down a hill and into a high banked curve over a man made lake. Great rush from start to finish.

    3r1c 18-May-2003 23:04:23
    I also disagree when you say Talon is not intense. The first veritcal loop is more intense than any other - my friends and I both admitted we nearly 'grayed-out'. The second half of the ride is indeed awesome - it never lets up. Steel Force is good - I did experience a bundle of airtime coming back. Lazer (and Thunderhawk) are the hidden gems. Hercules has an awesome banked turn - I also counted at least 3 moments of ejector air. It's a wild ride. Good stuff! The flats aren't bad either.

    Dorney is a good park, not overpriced (very affordable) and has an overall great atmosphere. The waterpark is very good also - check it out!

    romero 11-Jul-2003 23:13:13
    Talon is great and Steel Force is too. I went on Sunday and it had no lines. I went on talon 9 times and steel force 6. the water park usually has some lines but its good to cool off. Overall it was increbile. thunderhawk was good and laser i thought was boring. Herculess hurt ver much. It just needs another good inversion coaster, like medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure, Service good clean

    Bill 06-Sep-2003 12:45:48
    Lets Go coaster by coaster. Talon is ok. It holds the distinction of being a little too smooth like riddlers revenge at Magic Mountain and has no intensity. Laser takes FOREVER!!!!!!!!! to get up the lift hill but it's pretty cool. Steel Force is SOOOOOOO boring. It reminds me of APOLLOS CHARIOT. It looks cool but it is realy not. Get rid of the brake run and add a bunny hill! and dont tell me the coaster is popular because you never run 3 trains and there is never a line out of the station.
    Hercules just plain sucks but thankfully they are getting rid of it. And The Thunderhawk absolutely Rocks and has Amazing sensations of Flying airtime. But I BEG YOU! GET! RID! OF! THE! TRIM! BRAKE! ON! THE! BUNNY! HILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.And now the Mild Mouse. TURN OFF THE BRAKES. I WILL NEVER WAIT 3/4 HOUR TO RIDE THIS STUPID THING AGAIN! Does every ride need brakes. And except for Talon the coasters never run to full capacity.(By the way Dominator is terrible. I have been on other 200 ft Tower rides that rock! Power up the launch and add more brakes to the top. You can use the one from thunderhawk.

    UltimateLifeform 31-Oct-2004 14:46:16
    I visited the park back in August. I greatly enjoyed my visit,the rides are fantastic. Talon and Skyscraper are the best rides. Talon is very intense,its speed never lets up. Steel Force is rather weak for a hyper,very forceless,and you really don't feel as if you're going fast. Skyscraper is unlike anything I've ever ridden before,so fast and intense,and it's kinda scary being held in capsule,200 feet in the air,with only some straps to hold you in. I liked Lazer,I just wished the lift hill didn't take so long. Thunderhawk is respectable,yet rather rough for me. Revolution and Meteor are both great thrill rides,and Dominator (My first S&S; Power Tower) is great fun on both the Space Shot and Turbo Drop sides. Overall,I recommend visiting Dorney Park. However,finding it proved to be royal pain.

    --- This message was edited by UltimateLifeform on 31-Oct-2004 14:46:41 ---

    ekim91389 09-Jun-2005 02:48:42
    Talon is not that good of a coaster. It is all about steel force. Steel Force definatley, no doubt is better than Talon. Talon is good but definatley not the best at Dorney.

    ekim91389 09-Jun-2005 16:22:27
    Were going tommorrow at 3:45 and we will see how Hydra compares to the rest of the great coasters at Dorney.Lazer is a decent ride but has its flaws.

    cedarpointfreak50 14-Aug-2006 17:06:49
    ok heres a rundown of the popular coasters at dorney park
    LAZER: a fun ride, but the lift hill is sooo slow. RATING: 5/10
    THUNDERHAWK: this ride would be much better if they would take of the stupid trimbrakes! RATING: 4/10
    STEEL FORCE: the worst hyper coaster i have ever been on. no airtime what so ever.but i'll still give it a decent rating cuz i love big drops RATING: 7/10
    HYDRA: THE REVENGE- a very good, smooth, intense floorless coaster. RATING: 9/10
    TALON: An awesome inverted coaster. My 4th favorite behind montu at busch gardens africa, alpengeist at the other busch gardens, and Raptor at Cedar Point. Rating: 9/10

    OVERALL PARK RATING: 7/10 not too bad

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