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Kennywood - Amusement Theme Park Info


Park Info
Location: West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1898

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Phantom's Revenge 8.81 177
2. Thunderbolt 8.02 202
3. Jack Rabbit 7.37 205
4. Exterminator 7.06 175
5. Racer 7.03 200
6. Lil' Phantom 3.70 47

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Steel Phantom 7.04 94
2. Laser Loop 6.22 27
3. Little Dipper 5.25 12
Member Ratings
Park: 8.3/10 (168 votes)
Coasters: 7.5/10 (1006 votes)
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  • Kennywood's new ride for 2007 (02-May-2007)
  • Fright Nights Food Frenzy (12-Sep-2006)
  • Kennywood purchases land to expand in near future (27-Aug-2006)
  • Kennywood park guide and photo gallery updated (22-Aug-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Kennywood
    bsmith2510 23-Feb-2003 08:28:33
    This park has some great classic woodies and one suberb steel coaster. Located in Pittsburgh the park is a little small, but packs a punch for coaster fanatics. Don't miss it if you are anywhere near the Pittsburgh area. Thunderbolt is one of the best wooden coasters I have ever been on.

    CP4ever 15-Mar-2003 16:46:34
    Kennywood is an awesome park. I thought Phantom's Revenge was a bit rough near the end of the ride, but the woodies were great. My favorite ride there was exterminator because it's unique. I also like the classic theming of this park. It's not too modern or over-rated.

    phantompenguin 07-May-2003 01:59:47
    An amazing small park. 80 Acres of pure heaven with everything from a former record breaker(the Phantom) to one of the oldest woodies around(the Jack Rabbit). This park contains three ACE Coaster Classics(the Racer, Jack Rabbit, and the Thunderbolt), a Top 10 steel coaster(the Phantom's Revenge), and numerous rides that just aren't found anywhere else(one of three remaining Tumble Bugs, only 'Flying Coaster'(the Kangaroo), the only Noah's Ark in North America, one of the few remaining Whips, and numerous other classics.

    If you love coasters you must go to this great park near Pittsburgh!

    mahhhc 27-May-2003 21:45:00
    I've been going to Kennywood since as long as I can remember because that is where my grandparents live. The Thunderbolt is my favorite woodie and the Phantom's Revenge is one of my favorite steel coasters. It has some classic rides that you can't find anywhere else such as the turtle, noah's ark, the kangaroo, the whip, and a continuous circuit racing coaster. If you like air time then you need to ride the Jackrabbit. This coaster is excellent. It has a double dip that feels like the train has come off of the track.

    Fxnib79 10-Aug-2003 09:03:43
    I finally got to this park the other day after a long time of trying to get there, overall I do not see what the hype is, its a good park not the worst by any means but no where near the best from what I see, other than the old rides what so traditional about it, The Turtles seemed rougher than CLP's Tumble bug also. I also found nothing to special about any of the coasters, Phantoms Revenge #7 by amusement today and thunderbolt #15, come one I don't see it. Now I see how Mangnum xl200 can be in the top 3 just makes me wonder that the other coasters PR out ranked are like. Raptor should be definatly ranked above it, As for the park I would go back, but maybe a once a year or once everyother year park. Way better than a SF park, but thats not saying much

    arcaneimagery 20-Aug-2003 19:59:07
    This is the worst park i've ever been to, the staff are rude and unfriendly, the rides are way over ranked, and if it wasnt for the fact they got great food I would have given it a one.

    Fxnib79 22-Sep-2003 08:57:25
    Not to be a smart a$$ but you must have not been to many parks if KW is the worst you've been to. The rides are way overrated though, but not bad by any standpoint, but not as good as advertised. I personally didn't find the employees rude, just real slow, everyone says there laid back, but I think there is a big diff between slow and laid back, these people are slow, almost as if there in special ED slow. For me the park was nice, fun and enjoyable and I will go back, maybe not every year but every few years. I will say that everytime I see KW on coaster and or park specials on TV they sure use creative photography to make it look like a nicer park than it is, come on it has to have one of the worst enterances of any park, could that tunnel be anymore driery looking. But I guess if you compare it to the rest of the Pitt area theres not to much competition Pitts a dump. I just don't see the tradional appeal its advertised for having, it seems like most parks, except it does have some rare rides, I'd say CLP is more tradional as far as appeal and layout go. But if you do visit KW don't drink the water, I always get sick off the water in the Pitt area.

    TeknoScorpion 13-Dec-2003 18:02:25
    I personally found this park to be all I'd hopped for, and am thankful to call it my new home park. After my first(and at this point only) trip for Phantom Phright nites in 2003, I think the park rocks. To me, the only overrated coaster was Racer, and it wasn't bad, just not my cup o' joe, but it does have the distinction of being my first Mobeious coaster. The wood here is excellent, though, and Phantom's Revenge is now in my top ten. Can't wait till spring!

    Astro Zombie 13-Dec-2003 20:21:57
    This park is nice, small, quaint, and so on. This park is slightly overrated, its my 4th favorite park behind, CP, CLP, and PKI. I thought Thunderbolt was way overrated, whats so great, it was good but nothing to marvel about, same goes for Phantoms Revenge, good, but not even close CP's MF or Magnum. The suprise coaster was JR, I loved this one, short simple and a double dip. But over all the park was so so, in a drury area, could some of those roads be any narrower? Good park, not great, a must visit though, but hey if you live in Pitt, I guess you don't have much going for you and KW is all you got then you'll love it.

    cedarpointfreak50 17-Aug-2006 16:01:51
    not a bad park. Great food but rude staff and overated coasters (except for Phantom)

    RACER: Short and tame, but quite smooth. RATING: 7/10
    EXTERMINATOR: Tied for my favorite wild mouse with the one at hersheypark.
    RATING: 7/10

    JACK RABBIT: Short like racer, but faster and more intense
    RATING: 8/10

    THUNDERBOLT: No single riders is absolutely retarded, but the ride is still pretty good.
    RATING: 7/10

    PHANTOM'S REVENGE: Very good hyper coaster with some good airtime. and surprise surprise, its built by Arrow!
    RATING: 9/10

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