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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Amusement Theme Park Info

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Park Info
Location: Vallejo, California, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1968

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Medusa 8.92 76
2. V2: Vertical Velocity 8.00 56
3. Roar 7.90 72
4. Kong 5.73 74
5. Boomerang 5.39 61
6. Cobra 4.83 53
7. Roadrunner Express 3.77 31

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Zonga 7.27 22
Member Ratings
Park: 7.4/10 (72 votes)
Coasters: 6.7/10 (423 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
    RCTK 28-Jul-2002 22:42:22
    Take out Kong and build a GiantInvertedBoomerang.

    --- This message was edited by RCTK on Aug 11, 2002 2:08:06 AM ---

    CoasterKid11 15-Sep-2002 21:19:59
    I think that they should keep V2 they same as it is now. I just hope they know what they are doing in terms of changing it.

    swingkid80 16-Sep-2002 20:08:50
    I rode V2 when it first opened and it was at a 90 degree angle.. i heard it isnt as good now but i havent ridden it to know. Roar looks good but i think it looks better than it actually is, Medusa gets my pick for Favorite coaster in this park, i love the ide of looking down under your feet and seeing the track!!!

    RCMTHEii 27-Jun-2004 01:51:44
    Marine World is a great park! I like all of the coasters there but, Medusa is my favorite. MW is a great combonation of an animal park and an amusement park. V2 is still great, but it would be better if it the front tower was still vertical.

    medusarox 13-Nov-2005 05:14:02
    six flags marine world is a good park but living near it is getting boring. Medusa is a world class b&m; creation and V2 and Roar are also great rides. but Please!!!! tear down that crap machine kong and build a waaaaaaayyyyyyy better ride....Batman the ride,wink, should have been left at opryland.My home park would be much better if they had a new ride in kongs spot

    MyNameIsA-Corn 20-Oct-2006 06:48:27
    medusa was my first real roller coaster... it was awesome...
    i want to go back there just for that ride.

    Ryles30 15-May-2007 03:00:48
    This currently is my hometown park and I have to say it is not very good. None of the coasters made my top twenty, however Medusa falls right under Alpengeist, which is 22. Kids at my school love Kong because it is inverted, but most of them have not traveled two and a half hours away to ride a real inverted(Top Gun). All boomerang coasters suck so I hate theirs. V2 is a little bit nauseating because you go backwords but they always surpise you with the launch and hanging upside down in the roll is really fun. Roar is my eleventh favorite wood coaster but it is a bit rough, however I don't mind because I only hate head banging. Wilderness Adventure is okay but the graphics (or whatever you call it) sucks and they should make it look like the whale's fin is going to hit you. Tazmanian devil made me sick. Monsoon falls is my favorite water ride because you get soaked and the drop is better than Medusa.

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