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Six Flags Great Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

Six Flags Great Adventure

Park Info
Location: Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1974

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. El Toro 9.64 61
2. Nitro 9.29 244
3. Kingda Ka 9.15 96
4. Medusa 8.55 241
5. Superman: Ultimate Flight 7.81 145
6. Batman: The Ride 7.58 236
7. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Batman) 7.54 147
8. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Robin) 7.45 174
9. Great American Scream Machine 6.17 234
10. Rolling Thunder 5.62 214
11. Skull Mountain 5.33 211
12. Runaway Train 5.08 189
13. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train 4.48 115
14. Road Runner Railway 3.85 67

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Ultra Twister 6.50 6
2. Shockwave 6.00 11
3. Sarajevo Bobsled 5.71 14
4. Lightning Loops 5.00 5
5. Lightning Loops (Bottom) 4.67 3
6. Viper 4.28 156
Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (199 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (2374 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Six Flags Great Adventure announces Wiggles World for 2007 (16-Dec-2006)
  • El Toro lift hill topped off (21-Dec-2005)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure to add massive wooden roller coaster in 2006 (29-Sep-2005)
  • Kingda Ka reopens (05-Aug-2005)
  • Kingda Ka to be closed for several weeks (15-Jun-2005)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Great Adventure
    SldSnke90 28-Aug-2002 06:22:00
    They should build a Giga coaster like Millenium Force to attract attention. Well they got Kinga ka now.

    ScottByrne 16-Sep-2002 00:35:20
    Six Flags Great Adventure might be getting a 200ft+ coaster next to medusa and viper. the designer is intamin ag. should open spring 2003

    bsmith2510 23-Feb-2003 08:54:57
    Nitro and Medusa are great adventures top coasters and for 2003 Superman is going to be added, a flying coaster. Nice park ,but 10 bucks to park is insane. Also you get a lot of hoodlums from new york city. Kids were toking it up in line for the chiller No consideration for anyone.

    jessicaga 06-Apr-2003 23:57:59
    It's all about Money!
    We have had season tickets every year for the last 7 years. It keeps getting worse every year. Today we went Opening Weekend)and the new thing is it now costs $10.00 extra per person for the fast pass. The park was empty today but we had to wait 1 hour on the Nitro because they only had one train running out of 3. I guess they wanted to sell the fast pass. Last year the Parking went up to $10.00 plus an extra $15.00 for prefered parking. If it was'nt for the Great Coasters and being able to use the season passes at other six flags this would be the last season. Other season ticket holders were also complaining.

    scottmitchell 29-May-2003 12:30:37
    I went to this park for a 'Physics Day' field Trip. The Park was not that crowded, but many of the rides were freqently breaking down. I loved quick line for Nitro, but waited 2+ hours for Superman, which I thought was a huge let down. It just didn't compare to the thrills given by Nitro.

    romero 10-Jul-2003 21:29:40
    Great adventure is a good park. A lot of good coasters. THE LINES ARE LONG!!!!!!The wait was over 4 hours for superman ultimate flight. Get there early on a weekday. I got there at 10:45 on a satuday linne was 1 hours for superman. Medusa only had a 5 minute wait. IT was great!!! IN the peak of the day the line for GReat american scream machine was pretty short like 5 minutes too. We got on front seat. Great but it shakes and you may bang your head. Viper hurts and sucks all those rings around dont do anything two inversions only one good. Batman the ride only had a 45 min wait so i went on. IT was good. THey only need at least one more hyper or gigacoaster!!! IF not that, they could use a good wooden coaster or a 4rth dimension coaster. They look so good and yet there is only one!! IT has plenty of inversion full coasters. WHAT IS FAST PASS/LANE?????

    --- This message was edited by romero on Jul 11, 2003 1:51:04 AM ---

    CasiquireZ 22-Aug-2003 09:08:16
    Fast Lane is a little beeper-like thing that you can get to reserve a time that you want to go on a roller coaster--like if you want to go on Nitro at five o' clock, you enter it in and then you go on other rides, then at five you go to Nitro, walk through the fast lane, and get on the ride immediately. If I'm a bit off correct me.

    One thing that I wanted to say the most was that everybody expects to go to a park, fly off of a five hundred foot rollercoaster at over two hundred miles per hour, go through a few loops, and then walk out of the car right back in and go again. Unfortunately for us all this is not possible at the moment. You're going to a park to have fun--if you have a bad experience on one or more of the rides so what? At least something had to be fun. Personally I think all of us are lucky we got to go to a park like SF Great Adventure. Also, to romero, there is only one four-dimension coaster. Ever wonder why? Try looking at the cost. Medusa itself cost over fifteen million dollars. Also Great Adventure builds their rides bi-yearly--every other year they build a new ride. ONE new ride. It's difficult to keep a park up by those happy they can get you something to ride on at all.

    Englishdog 09-Sep-2003 14:56:47
    Six Flags Great Adventure Is a good park ,exept for one Thing.they say their Superman Ultimate Flight Is Famous Those of you who Like Great adventure May Think so to.But The Real Answer Is No,It Is Not Famous Everybody In The World knows That.It Is Just A cheap clone I'am From Georiga,and I go to Sixflags Over Georiga. And They Have the Origanal Superman Ultimate Flight.

    malvern84 24-May-2005 23:09:28
    Kingda Ka is the greatest ride on earth! it was so awesome.....anyone know about the news to build the worlds tallest and fast wooden coaster at great adventure that will open in spring 2006?

    crazygal16 12-Jun-2005 19:29:08
    I love six flags great adventure,i go every summer.Seems like every time i go it gets better,and now that they got kingda ka its gon b great.I cant wait to ride that,im not gon lie though im kinda queezy about it, its so fast and big,im ready for it though.My friend gon make me ride it anyway.

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