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Six Flags Great Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

Six Flags Great Adventure

Park Info
Location: Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1974

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. El Toro 9.65 62
2. Nitro 9.29 245
3. Kingda Ka 9.15 97
4. Medusa 8.55 242
5. Superman: Ultimate Flight 7.81 145
6. Batman: The Ride 7.58 237
7. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Batman) 7.54 147
8. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Robin) 7.45 175
9. Great American Scream Machine 6.17 234
10. Rolling Thunder 5.62 215
11. Skull Mountain 5.33 212
12. Runaway Train 5.08 190
13. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train 4.48 115
14. Road Runner Railway 3.85 67

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Ultra Twister 6.50 6
2. Shockwave 6.00 11
3. Sarajevo Bobsled 5.71 14
4. Lightning Loops 5.00 5
5. Lightning Loops (Bottom) 4.67 3
6. Viper 4.28 156
Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (200 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (2383 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Six Flags Great Adventure announces Wiggles World for 2007 (16-Dec-2006)
  • El Toro lift hill topped off (21-Dec-2005)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure to add massive wooden roller coaster in 2006 (29-Sep-2005)
  • Kingda Ka reopens (05-Aug-2005)
  • Kingda Ka to be closed for several weeks (15-Jun-2005)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Great Adventure
    Justin 25-Jun-2005 03:07:22
    KINGA Ka looks great. love the pictures and can't wait to ride Kinga Ka. One day soon I hope.

    --- This message was edited by on 25-Jun-2005 03:11:39 ---

    onamission 17-Aug-2005 21:36:52
    Decided to conquer the tallest and fastest coaster after riding Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. Kingda Ka is good, but not as smooth as TTD.

    If you plan on riding all the rides in the park, see shows, eat and have a good time, I highly suggest renting the QBOT Gold. It is very expensive ($101 for two people), but highly worth it. The QBot is good on approximately 12 rides or so and each ride has a separate entrance to skip through the long lines (or sometimes short lines). Our longest wait time to enter a ride was 22 min and after we entered the queue line, it was about 10 min max.

    Overall, the park does not give you that amusement park feel. The park is somewhat dirty, rundown, and the employees are not very friendly. It needs an overhaul and some paint. Several rides (10-12) were closed.

    Being that this park is located where it is, the pace is very hectic and fast and disorderly -- shoving goes on at times and don't stop to read your map, you might get run over.

    Overall - we did have a very good time enjoying the coasters and shows. It is definitely worth going to due to the amount of outstanding coasters.

    Enzo1089 25-Oct-2005 21:45:24
    I have to say SFGADV is my fave park right now...BUT I cant really say much else because I have NOT been to many other parks besides this one. The only one I have been to since I broke my fear of rollercoasters is Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which is also a great park but I like this one better. I luv the coasters, all except Superman Ultimate Flight. And the Batman side of The Chiller I cant really say on....BECAUSE ITS NEVER OPEN!!!!!!! Luckily, there is a huge rumor(man I hope its true) that Batman The Chiller is to reopen next season(2006). I just hope that the officials know that if they launch Batman AND Robin at the same time--cool as it would be--they would probly blackout the park, and make everyone deaf in the area.

    rider1 18-Nov-2005 01:59:37
    I FELL SOOOOOOO... BAD FOR those kids who don't even make the rides and want to go on them.I hear some of those kids don't even like the little rides like rolling thunder,runaway mine train,skull mountain,or blackbeard and alsoo THE LINES ARE HUGE.

    CoasterMan 28-Jun-2006 17:19:06
    When i went there, i had to wait 4+ hours for Kingda Ka. The line literally wraps around basically the whole golden kingdom. It wasnt so good because kingda ka was over in like 2 seconds. you just launch, go up, go down, and go over a hill and hit the breaks. It would be worth the wait if it was a longer ride.

    John 06-Aug-2006 17:38:33
    Okay, i am going to try and not give a biased review, even though i'm from Jersey. Let me start with the park itself. I don't know what people are talking about when the say the park isn't very clean or dirty (i have never seen any of this). The only exceptions are the gum wall at Medusa and the trash in line around batman but they completely got rid of the gum all over the Medusa wall. This year they added a lot more staff and even though some of the staff are not friendly i have noticed most this year are. Overall (except Batman) they do a reasonable job of getting people on and off the ride.The park is nothing special like a Bush Gardens in the way it looks but does look nice by the lake. It has a great selection of rides for all ages and has something for everyone to enjoy. The only things that really hurt the rating for me is the price of admission ($60), the price to park ($15 i think), and that it seems a rollercoaster or two are alwasy closed (The Chiller: Batman is never open). I have been to the park a bunch of times and it is improving so i would give it about a 9.0. Now for the rollercoaters. Nitro (10.0) is my favorite ride and even though it may not be as tall or fast as some of the other Hyper and Giga coasters, it still gives one of the best rides i've had. King Da Ka (9.0) is my second favorite and is just as good as Cedar Point's Dragster. It could have been longer and it breaks down ALOT but it is still a great ride. Then Medusa, The Chiller: Robin (only one i have been on of the two), Batman, and Superman are all great rides which i would give between an 8.0 and 9.0. Rolling Thunder is good even though it kinda hurts your back and skull mountain is a great ride to start if you havnt gotten over your fears of rollercoasters. The only ride that is a disappointment is the Scream Machine...IT SUCKS. It hurts and feels like you are going extremely slow through the loops. El Toro looks great but the one time i went when they had it, it wasnt working. So overrall, Great Adventure is a great place for any coaster enthusiast and with a little more work i think it could be in the top 20 or maybe even top 10 parks to go to.

    fleetwoodfan 14-Aug-2006 06:22:40
    2006 is the best season yet! Just experienced Kingda Ka for the first time and El Toro - 2 of the best rides I have EVER been on. The line was ridiculous for Kingda Ka - it can be decieving because it wraps around the entire base area, but it was worth it, you cant help but smile at the end. Plus, they have put a lot of new landsaping in this area that is actually very nice, in contrast to other parts of the park. Moving on to El Toro, we tried to go on it 3 times, the first time, the line was clsoe to 3 hours, the next time it was broken down, but we finally did get to go on it right around closing time when it was dark - this is definitely the best wooden roller coaster I have ever been on! They just got it right. Amazing. Nitro is still awesome, and Medusa, Batman, and Superman are all decent. Somehow, Great American Scream Machine has lost its luster over the years,(seems to have gotten slower?) there was practically no line for it, wouldn't be surprised if they replaced it in the next couple of years. And of course, Batman and Robin The Chiller was closed (I did get to ride it 2 years ago and it was great) And am I the only one that misses Viper? Yeah it was rough, but in the right seats, it was a fast furious little monster, oh well, El Toro in its place is a much better coaster. Great Adventure as usual needs to improve its landscaping, just doesnt compare to other parks, but the rides are great, and the employees have seemed to have gone through some friendliness training this season, seemed friendlier and more enthusiastic then years pass. It might not be Cedar Point, and it can get very crowded, but overall its a great park with great rides, that gets better every year.

    roachocch68 15-Aug-2006 05:53:34
    I just recently came back from sfga and let me tell you this park is awsome. The First Ride i Went On was Superman ultimate Flight. I Waited over an hour for this ride and all though it was cool, after the pretzel loop the ride dies down. After That, i conquered the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world Kingda Ka and i waited over 2 hours to ride. The Ride is unbelieveable. Next, i went to el toro and didnt wait that long. This Ride is also awsome, definetely one of my favorite coasters. Next Was Medusa Which was also very fun . The last Roller coaster i Went on was the nitro which is an intense ride. The park is huge, with ridiculously long lineups, so you better get there before 10. The park is awsome with my only complaint being the price of parking(15 bucks). It does suck that batman and robin the chiller is closed for the rest of the season as I hear it is an awsome ride, oh well maybe next visit.

    --- This message was edited by on 15-Aug-2006 05:57:45 ---

    alak 04-Apr-2007 17:39:03
    I have been to Sixflgv twice and it was great each time. fortunatly i went when they weren't busy so I could get on the good rides. But when I visited in 2005 when Kingda Ka had opened i was disapointed to see it was closed but I could see people on and when i went to see what was going on they said they had 'test' people going on so i wasn't to happy about that. but over all this park is great. but parking and admisson prices could be a little lower.

    BelleAmour 05-May-2007 17:11:27
    It's a shame that SFGA has so many good rides, but it's hard or impossible to get to ride them with lines so long! Either that or they are broken down. If I am paying 60 bucks, it would be nice to ride more than 3 or 4 coasters in a day. Even though they now have fastpass, it costs extra! No other parks do that. I don't think I will be going back any time soon. The past two times I have went Kingda Ka was closed the entire day, and lines for the rides were 90 mins plus!

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