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Geauga Lake - Amusement Theme Park Info

Geauga Lake

Park Info
Location: Aurora, Ohio, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1888

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Dominator 8.33 240
2. Villain 7.71 231
3. Big Dipper 7.07 227
4. Thunderhawk 5.84 221
5. Raging Wolf Bobs 5.54 229
6. Double Loop 5.29 212
7. Head Spin 4.79 202
8. Beaver Land Mine Ride 4.61 137

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. X-Flight 8.12 216
2. Steel Venom 7.87 205
3. Wild Mouse 6.00 2
4. Corkscrew 5.36 45
5. Cyclone 5.12 8
Member Ratings
Park: 7.1/10 (71 votes)
Coasters: 6.3/10 (1699 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Geauga Lake announce plans for 2005 (10-Nov-2004)
  • Geauga Lake to open May 1, 2004 (09-Apr-2004)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Geauga Lake
    Projectstealth30 29-Oct-2004 14:19:45
    I went here on 10/16/04. I must admit that the park has improved dramatically since Cedar Fair took this over from Six Flags. However, there are still problems. X-Flight is still plagued with problems. I think it just needs to be torn down! Raging Wolf Bobs has improved greatly and is hardly rough anymore. It was a nice change. I think in time, Cedar Fair will bring this park back up to par.

    moparfreak440 31-May-2005 03:29:08
    I went to geauga lake on 6/27/05 and its a small park by Cedar Point standards but the coasters were all good in there own way i especially like the dominator and X Flight the villan was good too. if you have children its good for them too.... this is a good park has something for everyone......but they could use a big steel or wooden coaster with a bit more speed

    chaz 31-Jul-2005 20:48:39
    I just visited Geauga Lake Park. There were alot of problems with the rides bracking down and roller coaster getting stuck. I my self would not ride any of the steel roller coasters after watching 1 get stuck and 3 more brake down. However the wooden roller coasters were fun and I felt safe with them. They will need alot of construction in the park before I would go back.

    TATSUFAN 16-Feb-2006 09:37:06
    this is a beautiful park!

    get to geauga lake:the fun is really back

    cedarpointfreak50 20-Jun-2006 00:54:32
    This is my homepark. I live about 30min away and make 7-10 trips per year. Beaver Land Mine Ride is a good kiddie coaster but nothing interesting. Head Spin is a terrible boomerang with terrible headbanging in the cobra roll. Steel Venom is a great impulse coaster, but not as good as Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. X-Flight is an amazing flying coaster and the dispatch and the efficiency of the ride has improved a lot. Big Dipper is a good little wooden coaster with good airtime, but seems to be getting a little rough in the back. Thunderhawk is probably the best Vekoma SLC on the planet with great intensity and little headbanging. Double Loop has a good drop and a good first loop, but the second loop and the final helix are like hell. Villain is pretty good, but it is VERY rough in the back. Dominator is the BEST floorless coaster on the planet. Raging WOlf Bobs sucks though becuase its so rough. In conclusion Geauga Lake is a great park for all ages and strongly recommend going to if ur in the area and nowadays the most u will have to wait is 30minutes(on X-Flight)

    Tullio 28-Sep-2006 21:23:24
    Ive been to this park twice. It is a very nice park with alot of great rides. The thing that i did not like about it was the atmosphere. but everything else was fantastic. If you get a chance go there

    Chris_Gottschalk 01-Jul-2007 18:58:08
    Geauga Lake was the first park I visited this season. Here are my reveiws of the rides.

    Dominator -10/10- Very Fun. Really good B&M; coaster. Best floorless ever.

    Villian -9/10- My current favorie woodie. First 2 Hills give good air.

    Thunder Hawk -8/10- Good Vekoma SLC. Very Rough for a steel coaster.

    Big Dipper -8/10- Classic Woodie. Good Air. Trains are a little uncomfortable.

    Double Loop -7/10- Kind of boring until you get to the loops. Good compared to the Corkscrew at Cedar Point. Smooth.

    Head Spin -6/10- First experiance on a boomerang coaster. Little rough on the head. Better forces when you travel backwards.

    Beaver Land Mine Ride -2/10- One of the most boring coaster I've ever ridden. We road it just to cool off. It didn't even give any wind. I'm sure the little ones could enjoy it though.

    Raging Wolf Bobs was closed.

    Geauga Lake is the second best park I've been to (next to Cedar Point). It is really family freindly. The staff are nice. I was impressed.

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