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Knott's Berry Farm - Amusement Theme Park Info

Knott's Berry Farm

Park Info
Location: Buena Park, California, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1940

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Xcelerator 8.90 164
2. GhostRider 8.79 207
3. Silver Bullet 8.34 73
4. Montezooma's Revenge 7.21 211
5. Sierra Sidewinder 7.14 7
6. Jaguar 5.65 207
7. Boomerang 5.48 208
8. Timberline Twister 4.36 109

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Soap Box Derby Racers 6.88 64
2. Corkscrew 6.00 43
3. Windjammer 4.95 58
Member Ratings
Park: 7.8/10 (197 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (1186 votes)
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  • Knott's Berry Farm pictures updated (21-Jan-2006)
  • Silver Bullet to open early (06-Nov-2004)
  • Knott's Berry Farm park guide and photo gallery updated (26-Jun-2004)
  • Knott's Berry Farm announces Silver Bullet (22-Nov-2003)
  • Knott's Berry Farm announces Rip Tide for 2004 (16-Oct-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Knott's Berry Farm
    Xcooldude 15-Aug-2002 19:12:17
    Xcelerator looks really cool!

    --- This message was edited by Xcooldude on Aug 16, 2002 12:22:30 AM ---

    Ghostrider6279 29-Aug-2002 00:22:42
    Knott's Berry Farm is a wonderful amusement park. It is nicely themed. it has some great rollercoasters, and some unique rides. I especially like Tampico Tumbler, and Ghostrider. Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant has some of the best chicken I have ever had. Halloween Haunt is a blast, I go every year, no other Halloween event I have been to even holds a candle to it, it has a dozen or so mazes (haunted houses) you can go to, it has some great shows, and monsters on the street scaring everyone to death. Knott's berry farm is a great park, that holds tradition, as well as throws in some thrills, and with the addition of Xcelerator it has held its place as being one of my favorite amusement parks.

    swingkid80 16-Sep-2002 19:49:39
    Ghost rider is the BEST woodie ive ever ridden!!! i give it a perfect TEN!... Xelerator is also a VERY Good coaster.. one of my favorite steel coasters !

    RCTK 03-Nov-2002 00:42:04
    I just recently visited Knott's Berry Farm during Halloween Haunt,but without the monsters.I was in charge of Knott's,I would trash Boomerang & build a GIB(Giant Inverted Boomerang) like the one at Magic Mountain.GhostRider is my favorite woodie(so far)& Xcellerator is also very good & both recieved a 10/10 from me.Ghost Town looked creepy as I visited the park on a Monday and it looked virtually deserted.

    rollerace king 17-Nov-2002 15:41:20
    when i visited knotts berry farm in august, 2002 i was very disappointed with the condition of the park.there was litter all over the park and queing took too long. queing for jaguar was terrible. the floor was covered in litter and it stank. i will not be visiting again.

    fearfalllover 01-Apr-2003 08:46:27
    It is not dirty! Ghostrider is the best and my on-ride photo of when I nine is priceless (hair blown back and screaming-I was NINE)

    MJGoode 12-May-2003 17:39:25
    Ghost Rider is brilliant!! Even my mum enjoyed it and she has a back problem. knotsberry Farm is the best.

    empireman46 16-Jul-2003 10:25:11
    I loved the old Windjammer ride! It was really fun. I do like Xcelerator too. But I guess I am one of the few or only one who liked Windjammer.

    rct.masta 18-Aug-2003 01:26:20
    Ghostrider is the best ride.. it is a 10/10!! But Xcelerator sucks because it doesnt even go that fast and it isnt even high.... Xcelerator is a 7/10. Plurious Plunge is way better and it is a 8.5/10!!

    lisamccleney 20-Aug-2003 03:58:56
    I enjoyed the park especially with my discounted coupon I got from Carl's Hamburgers, (saw that the local grocer had one too) and the price was an unheard of $25! The park was clean while I was there (2X so far) and the only problem I saw was line jumping at Ghost Rider. There is a California law against it and I saw security escort a couple of people out of Ghost Rider (and probably out of the park). That roller coaster is the best wooden one I have ever rode...Corn Dogs and Hot Dogs for $3.95 is unreasonable but if you order the Kid's meal you get a drink and cookie with that. I wonder how many adults do that? Since 9/11 ever park I have been to has security checking bags upon entry. Both times I have been to this park little kindergarden age children are every where upon entering but most stay inside Camp Snoopy (which is fine with me).

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