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Islands of Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

Islands of Adventure

Park Info
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1999

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Incredible Hulk 9.03 415
2. Dueling Dragons (Fire) 8.59 392
3. Dueling Dragons (Ice) 8.44 393
4. Pteranogon Flyers 4.99 123
5. Flying Unicorn 4.95 249
Member Ratings
Park: 9.2/10 (332 votes)
Coasters: 7.8/10 (1572 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Islands of Adventure
    Jonnypaper 07-Aug-2002 23:31:55
    I went to IOA in May of 2000 and by far found it the best park I have been to. We went on a day that expected rain and it did rain for about a half hour so all the people with season passes left and there were no lines. We wrode the Dueling Dragons 19 times, The Incredible Hulk about 10 times and Spiderman about 10 times. The Park is well thought out and very decorative. Even if you do stand in line it is somewhat entertaining and air conditioned on most rides. Poseidons Fury was a trip. I highly recommend this park, even over Disneyworld. We ate lunch at the Hard rock Cafe instead of inside the park which was a bit more expensive than the food inside the park but well worth it.

    shibby 19-Feb-2003 01:40:10
    This park is great and one my favorites. I live about 3 hrs away but have only been there once with my school. I found the park very enjoyable exept for the overcrowding. The lines there were so long, the rollercoaster line were at least 45 mins and Doctor Doom was roughly over and that was the first ride of the day. The park is well themed, very creative and has a great lay out. I didn't get to enjoy the ice dragon, spiderman, or dudley do-rights because of the over crowding. Other then that the hulk and the fire dragon easily made my top 10. The hulk is such a great coaster, even just to look at. The lauch and the first inversions are great, and is by far the greatest sitdown looper. If it is possible though to change the trains to a floorless design that would make it better. I can't say if I like the hulk better than the dueling dragons because the dueling aspect was one of a kind. The dueling was great and made it more intense, even though I only rode the fire dragon. Dr. Doom has a great lauch up and down but after that it was lame. Jurassic park river ride was a little lame until the intial drop which was intense! Maybe if the dinsours would pot out a lot from an unexpected place it would be better. I think they should add another great signature roller coaster in Marvel island or jurasic park, like possibly a hyper coaster because it would be the only one in FLorida! Other then that the park really is a signature park and I can't wait to go back and finish of the rides.

    --- This message was edited by shibby on Jul 16, 2003 2:03:49 AM ---

    philfromhertford 29-Mar-2003 10:51:04
    First visited IoA in July 2000 and have to say this place rocks. Was not expecting the blast start on the Hulk and was overwhelmed by the 8th wonder that is Spiderman.Been twice after in 2001 and plan to go again this summer. Shame about the parade of superheroes.

    goldsun 05-Apr-2003 22:24:17
    IOA,what do I say? First off, great park. Second, the coasters are great(besides unicion and flyers). Third, this parks rating would be down at least a point or two without Spider-man, which is better then the coasters. And at last, the Universal Escape thing would be crap without this park

    lisamccleney 20-Aug-2003 03:02:15
    I lived in about an hour away during 2000-2001 so I joined the park with a season's pass. It was worth that and more for Universal Walk for the free parking! If I wanted VIP parking, I only paid 8 dollars more and got to the park in record time with little walking! I frequently went alone and had single rider status. I estimated that I rode The Hulk about 300 times during that year, and I will never ever forget it. The Spiderman is kick *ss! Meals were expensive, but if you knew to order certain items, like snacks (which you could carry in anyway) you did all right money-wise. I was impressed by this park because everything was always clean, well run, well thought out and the employees were great. Even the people were polite and I did not see any line jumping like I saw out here in California where I am located now.

    qt_katy 14-Sep-2003 10:39:02
    Islands of Adventure truly is an Adventure! It begins when you walk into the Entrance. You feel like you have arrived into a totally different world, lets go as far as to say a different planet!

    It's 5 worlds are so awsome (you have to see to believe). From the mythical and magical (The Lost Continent, Jurrasic Park) to the sugar coated 'warped' world that is (Toon Lagoon, Suess Landing) to the sharp comic book Marvel Super Hero Island. The theming is not there to look like theming, it immerses (sp?) you in these different 'lands'

    My favourite was HULK's launch, and best overall coaster was Fire Dragon which was intense all the way. Dr. Dooms Fearfall's launch was AWSOME too. Spiderman was also amazing, but the 3D glasses were all smudgey.
    Love the 4D effects though. Ripsaw falls drop was the best drop I've had anywhere on a water coaster....sweet!

    THe only bad thing was that I went in low peak season so some of the rides were shut due to mainteance. Next time though, I'm going again this year...wahooooooooo!

    duckhair 01-Jun-2005 23:36:40
    Islands of Adventuer rocks! Some of the rides are great, like Dudley Do Rights: the king of water rides, but it's the theming that catches my eye. Heck, you could have fun not even doing anything but sitting there. Here are 6 rides that I think are must do's: Hulk, Dudley Do Rights, Spiderman, Dueling Dragons(both coasters are great and have the same number of inversions, though Fire is a tiny bit faster), Drop of Doom, and Jurassic Park River Adventure. Jurassic Park is kind of wierd and you don't even get that wet, but you can't just walk away saying 'I didn't ride Jurassic Park.' Another tip is to get the Universal Express yellow card thing. With that small do-daw, you can get on any ride in a matter of seconds. I, for one, think that Islands of Adventure is better than Magic Kingdom, and if you are down in Orlando with only one day of theme park time, I highly recomend Islands of Adventure.

    J_M65 31-Jul-2005 18:36:12
    Islands of Adventure is a great park with some exciting roller coasters and thrill rides, but it definately could use more. The park has great theming throughout and on the 3 major roller coasters, Hulk and Dueling Dragons Fire & Ice. The staff are very polite and helpful and the park is fairly clean. For dining, I highly recommend the Mythos restaurant. IOA could improve by adding more rides to its fine but small collection. A new roller coaster would make a fine addition. Otherwise, I suggest anyone in Florida on vacation should visit IOA.

    --- This message was edited by on 31-Jul-2005 18:38:23 ---

    pudding_n_pie 09-Jan-2006 15:24:02
    Okay IOA, Amazing park.. I went all the way from Scotland in the summer, Ive been waiting to go since I was about 5yrs to florida, and I am actually througouly dissapointed in myself for not braving all the rides I wanted to. I loved watching the rodes, I loved the comic book setting, but I couldnt actually get myself on anything except Spiderman 9which was fantastic, but not really a 'thrill ride' - dont know if it was just the heat etc in mid-July but I desperately regret not riding the hulk, duelling dragons & fear fall. I actually had to get let out of the line for duelling dragons as I had a panic attack at the height of it. How embarassing. Ive got a bit of a complex about not feeling 'safe' on a ride, like I dont like it when the restraints 'move' when the ride turns upside down etc. Oh regret, regret, regret... Bte the hulk was AMAZING! Looks it!

    rollercoasterrich 27-Feb-2006 16:42:41
    this is anotha daddy of the theme park world...this is 1 of the best themed parks iv been 2...its a wonderland of thrills you could i luv it..the hulk is a class act n so is the dueling dragons ..i luv the dueling dragons ride it makes u look like your goin to callide with the other train when doing an inversion..its cool man...gota give this an overall 9/10

    --- This message was edited by on 27-Feb-2006 16:43:48 ---

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