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Busch Gardens Africa - Amusement Theme Park Info

Busch Gardens Africa

Park Info
Location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1959

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. ShieKra 9.10 92
2. Montu 8.65 301
3. Kumba 8.37 303
4. Gwazi Lion 7.48 243
5. Gwazi Tiger 7.44 156
6. Scorpion 5.67 279
7. Cheetah Chase 5.27 81

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Python 4.59 256
Member Ratings
Park: 8.3/10 (239 votes)
Coasters: 7.5/10 (1455 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Busch Gardens Africa
    dkeeping 26-Feb-2003 09:13:26
    This is one of the best parks i have ever been to after visiting over Christmas of 2002 from england i would go back to Busch Gardens any day (except in the peak season) The only down part to the trip was Scoripon was closed for repairs :-( but all the coasters were amazing and the animal exibits were cool and gave you the chance to get hands on with the animals.

    Top_Thrill_Dragster 25-Mar-2003 21:46:22
    I've been to BGT once, and I was only a baby, so I don't remember, let alone ride any coasters. The reason why I rated it an 8 was because that was around the average rating for the park and so it could be added to my park record.

    rct2day 01-Apr-2003 00:42:35
    TIP: Ride montu while its raining. The trim brakes dont seem to work and it adds more excietment and intencity.

    goldsun 05-Apr-2003 23:24:36
    Better then Willlamsburg, but not by much. Kumba is my favorite coaster. The greatest I have been on. Only been to twice.

    luzer4life420 25-Apr-2003 18:26:14
    My first park, best in Florida in my opinion. Everything is always a walk on and the food isnt too expensive. Kumba is an amazing ride as are Montu and Gwazi, the other two are mild and boring. Its a good day when youre in Tampa and dont feel like going to the beach

    --- This message was edited by luzer4life420 on Apr 25, 2003 6:28:29 PM ---

    KOL_Cyclops 17-May-2003 21:54:10
    been to this park twice and it has 4 great coasters. Montu is my favourite followed by Kumba, Gwazi tiger and Gwazi lion. BGT is currently my favourite park because it is the only park i have been in the united states that has those coasters and the other theme parks ive been in usa r disney world and universal studios. BGT rules them( I live in canada)

    krayzie638 18-Jun-2003 18:36:02
    TIP: when riding Kumba ride in the back left you think you are going to fall out at any part of the ride. Great Experiance for thrill riders

    shawno 04-Aug-2003 11:19:30
    This was one of the biggest supprises I have ever had at a theme park.
    The main supprise was the zoo.
    The rides and animal attractions mix very well.
    The rollercosters were fantasic. Montu was not as intence as Nemisis, but still very good.

    qt_katy 11-Oct-2003 04:56:16
    I went to Busch Gardens in December of 2002 and was very disappointed, not with the park itself, but with the crowds!!!!!! It was soooooo busy, I only got to ride on Gwazi Lion which was sad. We even had to wait to see the animals and everyone was pushing and shoving and it was a huge mess. I hope to go to this park at the end of 2003, but this time NOT IN PEAK TIME! I could see that this is an amazing park...when the time is right. Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy all it has to offer in 2 months time!

    dkeeping 11-Jun-2004 15:15:41
    i went in december 02 as well i didnt have any of these probs, you had to queue but not for long

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