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Alton Towers - Amusement Theme Park Info

Alton Towers

Park Info
Location: Alton, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Status: Operating
Opened: 1980

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Nemesis 9.11 209
2. Oblivion 8.53 196
3. Rita - Queen of Speed 8.26 68
4. Air 8.20 178
5. Spinball Whizzer 6.90 87
6. Runaway Mine Train 5.72 165
7. Corkscrew 5.69 182
8. Beastie 4.20 86

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Thunderlooper 6.96 56
2. Black Hole 5.99 149
3. Alton Beast 5.71 45
4. Alton Mouse 5.42 31
5. Four Man Bob 5.00 26
6. Mini Apple 3.63 30
Member Ratings
Park: 8.6/10 (167 votes)
Coasters: 7.3/10 (1171 votes)
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  • 29 Injured on Alton Towers Runaway Mine Train (20-Jul-2006)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming to Alton Towers in 2006 (12-Jan-2006)
  • Rita - Queen of Speed breaks a 12-year old girl's wrists (14-Jun-2005)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Alton Towers
    jodickson 25-May-2004 18:33:00
    Alton Towers is exactly the kind of park I would usually LOVE, and understandably I was really looking forward to going. However, the queues are sooo awful that I only managed to get on around 4 rides all day, making it the most disappointing theme park I've ever been to. If they introduce a express pass theme (like at Universal in Florida) it would have been so much more enjoyable, and I would THEN definitely go back.

    gareth 13-Jul-2004 20:47:08
    alton towers is good if you dont like it there something wrong

    Nemesis91 01-Sep-2004 11:19:15
    I agree with RIAD, Air is one of the best rides I have been on, it was desighned to excite people not to be intense or intimidating. Also JODICKSON Alton Towers does have a fastpass system, it has been installed well over a year but it is not always operating.

    --- This message was edited by Nemesis91 on Sep 1, 2004 11:29:13 AM ---

    riddler 25-Oct-2004 10:55:19
    Alton Towers is absolutely the best park in the uk.NEMESIS is the best ride in the world by far.AIR could of been a bit more exciting, i know its supposed to feel like ur flying but u dont feel the adreneline rush.OBLIVION is pretty good, could have more fun to it.the new SPINBALL WHIZZER is wicked, ive been on it 10 times and i never got bored of it.They could replace CORKSCREW with a better ride, its dated now but it was a must ride years and years ago.They r building a new rollercoaster for 2005, cant wait for that. :)

    eastcliff 18-Mar-2005 08:09:28
    I've just been reading on some of the comments about Alton Towers, i've been there about six times, and each time was fantastic, not been there for a few years, but am going in a few weeks, when the new ride opens Rita - queen of speed, cant wait....
    yes i do think its got to be the best theme park in the UK, but could do with a few coasters like the USA parks have. thanks for reading

    Stokywolf 24-May-2005 18:41:06
    Alton is my local park so i spend ALOT of time there. The new Rita - queen of speed is my first launch coaster and has been voted 0.1% better than Nemesis on guest surveys, something that air or Oblivion never did. After taking a good look between Rita and Nemesis, Nemesis is still the better coaster by a whisker. Rita is a must Ride when on park it takes your breath away and leaves your eyes watering.

    --- This message was edited by on 03-Jun-2005 22:26:18 ---

    henryd 22-Nov-2005 17:49:41
    Alton Towers is a great park with some amazing rides, especisally Nemesis, which I think is the best Inverted Coaster in Europe. Its a shame they cannot build above the tree line though, they could build some awesome rides if they could. Overall Alton Towers is my #1 theme park in the whole of Europe.

    pudding_n_pie 09-Jan-2006 15:17:40
    Alton towers is a great park in my opinion. I usually go every year and earlier this year I went to Florida for the disney parks etc, but infact have just as much fun in alton towers! Aside from the coasters that they have, there are also alot of other thrill rides which are sometimes even better than the coasters! My favourite ride is Nemesis, and I have never yet braved Oblivion yet as I'm scared of heights, but I will maybe get myself on it this year lol! Cant wait to try Rita - Queen of speed. It usually takes alot to get me on a ride or coaster actually, but after Ive done it I am champing at the bit to get back it on it again. Probably v.annoying for my friends / family.

    andyc_nemesis 31-Jan-2006 11:17:10
    Alton towers is one of the best parks in the country. Has a very good mix of rides for the whole family. Its got an amazing atmosphere and areas are excellently themed. As a day out, its perfect. Queues can be long however this should and does not damper a excellent day out> Fast track tickets are free and help you get on rides quicker. The resort with the swimming pool and the hotel makes it a complete package. Air, Rita, Nemesis and Oblivion are excellent and if that is all you go on, then its still a great day.

    Go and enjoy.

    rollercoasterrich 27-Feb-2006 16:23:41
    NOW THIS IS A TOP TEN IN THE WORLD...its big , themed n class n u gota go to this one if you hav not been..being a big thrill seeker that i am..i luv this one..iv been 2 american parks , spanish parks n this is the best england as to offer..the rollercoasters are good n the atractions are good aswell.. 8/10 i rate it..realy good park

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