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Wild Adventures - Amusement Theme Park Info

Wild Adventures

Park Info
Location: Valdosta, Georgia, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1991

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Cheetah 7.12 26
2. Hangman 6.16 25
3. Bug Out 5.30 27
4. Boomerang 4.96 23
5. Swamp Thing 4.20 10
6. Ant Farm Express 4.00 20
7. Gold Rush 3.73 15
8. Fiesta Express 2.45 11
9. Tiger Terror 2.27 15
Member Ratings
Park: 6.4/10 (18 votes)
Coasters: 4.9/10 (172 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Wild Adventures
    William Solomon 21-Feb-2004 03:21:47
    This is the worse Amusement/Theme Park I have ever been in. There was no order in the creation of Wild Adventures. If you are this close to Orlando why not just go on south and enjoy a true city of Parks. There is one thing I am glad of, that the owners of this park never bought Visionland.

    madcow67 26-Jul-2004 18:21:42
    This is the cheesiest place I've ever seen. It looks like someopne decided to open a place with fair-like rides out in the middle of the country, and expanded it to have better rides, but cramped everything into one small area.

    Everything looks old & decrepit, not maintained, and it makes you wonder how safe anything is.

    Four people died this weekend due to heatstroke because there are no water fountains, and they were charging $2 bottle of water, not to mention the lines to get the water in the first place. The Hangman ride's seats internittently would not lock down. Two rides were closed down due to the ride not working properly. The animals they have on display look malnourished and their living spaces are disgusting. Go to Six Flags if you want to ride decent rides and feel safe while riding.

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