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Six Flags America - Amusement Theme Park Info

Six Flags America

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Six Flags America
Previous Names: Adventure World ( until 1998 )
Wild World ( until 1993 )
Location: Largo, Maryland, United States
Status: Operating since 1982
Links: Official Website

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Superman - Ride of Steel 8.85 166
2. Batwing 7.68 150
3. Roar 7.53 164
4. Wild One 7.23 161
5. Joker's Jinx 7.20 161
6. Two-Face: The Flip Side 6.35 132
7. Mind Eraser 5.31 157
8. Great Chase 4.34 53

# Previous Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Python 5.68 25
2. Cannonball 4.27 11
Member Ratings
Park: 6.8/10 (145 votes)
Coasters: 7.1/10 (1144 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags America
    joey 25-Aug-2003 14:53:50
    Superman ride of steel is not the best coaster I have ever ridden but is in my top five list. The best coaster I have ever ridden is superman ride of steel at six flags new england. If you can't visit six flags new england be sure to go to six flags america and ride this air time machine!!! The ride starts out with a 180 degree turn. When you egnage the lift hill you pick up much speed. When you finally reach the crest of the hill people scream so loud you could hear them at the other side of the park. When the drop is over you make a banked turn followed by a cammel back hill. Next its a heliex to turn the train around then another camelback hill. Another heliex is fowlled.Three small bunny hops an the final brake run. This non stop mile long ride is one of the tallest, fastest and BEST rollercoaster in the world!!!

    flyingmonkey 06-Jun-2006 03:45:26
    man, this park PALES in comparison to others ive been to. on my last visit, 3 of the 6 rides were shut down, including their two best, batwing and superman. the water park is also excessively dirty. still, i have sentimental attachment to the park, since they have the first roller coaster i ever rode, ROAR. of course, that was back when it was called Adventure world, but that was many years ago....

    flypilot4 22-Jun-2006 11:19:18
    This park absolutely sucked big time. I arrived there when the place opens for the day and they only had maybe 3 of all the coasters running. The first ride I went to was Mind Eraser. When I got up to the station one of the trains safety restraints was locked up on someone. So that closed the ride down for a good portion of the day. Then I went to the sea coaster and that was closed. I finally was able to get on a ride at Wild One. That ride was cool. Then I went to Two Face. I got on it but the restraints were so tight, I could not get comfortable on th ride and every time hit one of the loops my ears rubbed against the restraints in a very painful way. Then I went to Roar and that was good too. After that I went to superman and that was also ok. All it had was speed. Other than that i wasn't too impressed. Then I went to Batwing and that ride broke down as well but they fixed it quickly(actually I really don't think they really knew what was wrong with it). But that ride was good. After all that I headed to Mind Eraser when I learned that it had reopened. But like Two Face it was a very painful experience. I have been to several theme parks but never have I seen so many mechanics out. The rides were obviously poorly maintained. If you go there you'll see they don't paint the nuts, bolts and tie points. And because of that they are rusted through. And the steel coaster were so bumpy that you'd swaer the rides were built in the 50's. About the only thing enjoyable there was the water park side.

    alak 04-Apr-2007 17:53:02
    When I came here last year it would be my last visit. Even when I came when there was probably 1000 people there the rides still broke down. If you ever come here come during the summer so you can go to the water park so you wont be so disapointed. the best rides are Superman, Batwing, and Roar. so head to those first. When I came there was trash on the ground, the dispatch times were pretty long, and the staff were just talking to each other and not really seeming to care.

    coastergurl101 04-Jul-2007 19:14:27
    this is my home park but it sucks batwing stinks and is also broken down alot
    tornado is the best thing in the waterpark and superman is the best roller coaster here thats not such a good thing tough six flags needs to either close it or fix it

    --- This message was edited by on 13-Jan-2008 19:23:26 ---

    Jackfender24 02-Apr-2009 21:41:07
    ok this is my home park....but it sucks!!!
    batwing is FANTASTIC but its only open half of the time!
    superman is great, the only 5 star ride we have.
    the jokers jinx is good, but very slow.
    roar is a great wooden coaster, my favorite ride here after superman!
    the wild one is an average woodie at best, VERY painful!
    the mind eraser is an average old steel painful coaster, not worth the line!

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