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Thorpe Park - Amusement Theme Park Info

Thorpe Park

Park Info
Location: Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom
Status: Operating
Opened: 1979

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Stealth 9.09 44
2. Colossus 8.67 132
3. Nemesis Inferno 8.59 114
4. Flying Fish 5.02 82
5. X:No Way Out 4.26 115
Member Ratings
Park: 8.0/10 (104 votes)
Coasters: 7.0/10 (487 votes)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Thorpe Park
    Jimbobsob 16-May-2005 16:45:39
    i already been 2 thrope park 3 times this yr(2005) im goin again in 11 days with a m8! last yr i went every 2 weeks :) i hav the pass 2 :)! so i wil rite a review when i get bac!

    joker0126 28-May-2005 09:32:52
    i am going again on tuesday 31st im lookin forward to trying out rush and slammer

    nilpasha 08-Jun-2005 22:10:54
    well i went to thorpe park on the 2nd june 2005 and am very disappointed as we did not get to go on rush as there were techinal faults and by the time v got 2 slammer it was closed :(

    kirstymd 23-Jul-2005 22:26:57
    Thorpe Park is the greatest!! Nemesis Inferno is my fav ride. I went with my cousin and her parents. We went on Nemesis Inferno twice because it broke down once. The most boring ride I went on was Mr Monkeys Banana ship . The most fastest was Colossus. Everything was great. I live 'bout 100 miles away, and I went for my first time in June. My first ever upside down rollercoaster was Colossus. Colossus was the first interversion ride I'd ever been on in my whole life!! It was fantasic. So was X- No way out.

    Stokywolf 27-Aug-2005 20:20:06
    Thorpe park is a very small theme park, this means it gets very busy when there are around 15.000 people on park. It is the number one place in the country for Thrill rides where as chessington which is nearby is now aimed more for the kids and families.
    Colossus has got to be thee best rollercoaster there, Nemesis inferno is not as good and really does tarnish the 'original' Nemesis name. Samurai is one of the best flat rides this park has to offer and rush the new giant speed swing is fantastic though i was slightly let down by Slammer which really didnt live upto expectations.
    Overall Thorpe park is a smashing Park and im sure to be making my 2nd visit next year to ride Stealth, Rita:qos sister launch coaster, soaring to 200 feet in 8 seconds.

    Kate32 02-Oct-2005 20:06:35
    I've been to thorpe park twice before, and i am going again on the 23rd of october, which is a fright night, and i hope that will be what i am expecting. Thorpe park is a brilliant park for everyone in the south-east, as we do not have to travel all the way to alton towers. It's about an hours drive to get there and it's worth it. My favourite ride is nemises, which although shorter than colossus feels somewhat more thrilling. Thorpe park is a fantastic day out and i recommend it to anyone over the age of 10/11.

    Unregistered 30-Oct-2005 12:13:43
    I have been to this park four times since 2001, only once has it been really busy so that you can get on very few rides. I find if you get there in time for when it opens (10:00am), the queue lines are for big rides such as collossus and nemesis inferno are shorter than 15mins! This is until usually 11:00.

    04taylorj 01-Jun-2006 17:34:09
    i went to thorpe park when season was getting started. to avoid ques always go when the kids are at school, we went on nemesis inferno with reapeat rides. collossus has air time that you will never feel to you ride it. i prefer colossus to nemesis beacuse you get a longer and more airtime packed ride. stealth is great very intense when going over the top hat. tidal wave and ALL the flat rides are very intense. rush is great, do not miss it. thorpe park is way better then alton towers, the ques at alton towers are massive, and the rides are very short. always go to thorpe park when the kids are at school. the ques are very small. THORPE PARK RULES

    Pradalad 17-Jun-2006 10:26:46
    Iv'e Been going to Thorpe Park once a month since I was 7.. (Im 14 now)
    And I'm still not bored of it... Its every changing. New attraction(s) every year, And this years new ride Stealth is fantastic! The launch is the best part, although it is quite small compared to Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster in U.s.a Some of Thorpe Parks theming is excellent. Especially Nemisis Inferno. And the Amity Cove Area is amazing! Based in the early 80's Themed with a town being hit with a large tidal wave (mixes in with the Tidal Wave ride) And the WWTP radio station playing in the background is great.. Really suits the area. Fantastic theming. Queue lines can be huge. But go on an england world cup quater or semi-final game. Queues will be around 10-15 mins max! Thorpe's flat rides are brilliant, especially Samurai and Slammer. Short distances to walk to attractions, only dissapointment is X: No way out. So boring, Although on a website it does say they MAY be planing to put loops in it? Hope so. Food prices are extremely high. especially in burger king. Great park though, Can't wait till tomorrow when i go again! :D

    hamster 16-Aug-2006 17:26:02
    if you can go to a theme park in america or even europa park in germany and then you will know just how rubbish thorpe park really is.

    they have one great ride in stealth and that is never working. when it is working it does not open until at least 11 a.m.

    x no way out has got to be the worst rollercoaster in the world and the beach area needs knocking down as it is a joke.

    as for calling collosus you have got to be joking, it is so tiny anywhere else it would be classed as a kiddies rollercoaster.

    please people go to europa park in germany

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