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Magic Kingdom - Amusement Theme Park Info

Magic Kingdom

Park Info
Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Status: Operating
Opened: 1971

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Space Mountain 7.24 440
2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 6.73 441
3. Barnstormer 5.06 186
Member Ratings
Park: 8.2/10 (346 votes)
Coasters: 6.6/10 (1067 votes)
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  • Magic Kingdom's Alien Encounter to close later this month (16-Oct-2003)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Magic Kingdom
    dkeeping 27-Feb-2003 11:31:09
    This park is good if you like being pestered by those adoring people in the suit pretending to be you favourite charcters from the Disney classics but the rides are very good but Disney Tranportation is recommended because it's hard to get to by car you need to take the monorail or the ferry to the enterance.

    goldsun 05-Apr-2003 23:30:51
    the only reason to come is to ride Space mountion, Splash mountion, and big thunder mountion.

    ThomasA74 25-Jun-2003 17:22:29
    It is a very good park for younger people. Splash Mountain is the best ride in the park. I think they shold build a themed hyper coaster.

    minstrels 13-Aug-2003 21:40:51
    magic kingdom is boring and the queues are too long who in there right mind would wait 2 hours to get on dumbo DONT WASTE MONEY GO TO SEA WORLD INSTEAD THE KRAKENS THE BEST!!! the only good ride is splash mountain magic kindom is really for lttle kiddies

    --- This message was edited by minstrels on Aug 13, 2003 9:43:21 PM ---

    IndyJones 24-Aug-2003 19:36:19
    I like Disney World but I like Disneyland better. Both are good. Space is a cool like coaster and it's fun ever time. Splash Mt. is better then the one at DL because it tells more of the story. Disney parks rock!

    TwisterTitan723 29-Mar-2004 03:03:02
    Wow. This park has things for everyone. The guys can go to Tomorrowland and ride Space Mountain, while the girls can sop it up in Fantasyland. This is the Happiest Place in the World, and everyone should go there right now.

    jodickson 25-May-2004 20:57:24
    I really found Magic Kingdom disappointing, despite all the hype about it. The only half decent ride is Space Mountain, and it really is only half decent. Unfortunately, when I was there Thunder and Splash Mountain were closed down, dunno if that would have made it better.

    pinkfloydfanatic 07-Jun-2005 10:18:06
    This park is very impressive and highly detailed. I really like the atsmosphere. Space Mountain is surprisly good last time I rode it with some airtime! :-)

    TATSUFAN 16-Feb-2006 09:32:44
    this is another great disney park. the food is really good and so are rides.

    i really love the balloons!

    rollercoasterrich 27-Feb-2006 17:00:04
    this what disney is....a feel good park n the parade n firework display are magical..isnt a 1 for thrill seekers like me..but you can not dissagree this is a magic experience n you have gotta see at 1 time..its brilliant 4 the kids n me being only 18 yrs old im 2 young 4 kids but wen i do have them i will take them 4 sure..but i gotto say me second time goin i was 17 n it wasnt all that exiting..but wen them perades come on n the fireworks ..its an expirience i tell realy does bring out the child in you..ill give it an overall 10/10 4 family's n 5/10 4 the thrill seekers

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