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Valleyfair! - Amusement Theme Park Info


Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Valleyfair!
Location: Shakopee, Minnesota, United States
Status: Operating since 1976
Links: Official Website

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Renegade 8.29 14
2. Wild Thing 8.00 55
3. Steel Venom 7.68 38
4. High Roller 6.26 57
5. Excalibur 6.07 56
6. Corkscrew 5.36 56
7. Mad Mouse 5.35 48
8. Mild Thing 3.67 12

# Previous Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Rails 5.85 13
Member Ratings
Park: 7.0/10 (44 votes)
Coasters: 6.4/10 (336 votes)
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  • Two new family attractions for Valleyfair! in 2004 (08-Dec-2003)

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    Topic: Valleyfair!
    Nihtro 19-Oct-2006 02:16:35
    Yep, Valleyfair! My home park. Since it's the only big amusement park I've been too (yet- I'm taking a trip to CP and PKI next summer), I still have fun there, but Valleyfair! is lacking in good rides. They always operate one less train then they could on their coasters, and last time I visited, they only had one side of Xtreme Swing running and two towers on power tower. Lines were long, for some reason, on the more family-type coasters, High Roller and Corkscrew, which both suck! Lots of ride ops have really BAD English.
    EXCALIBUR- Avoid, extremely rough, too short, but a good headchopper. Also, very short lines. Park visitors seem to hate it.
    CORKSCREW- Typical Arrow, one loop and two corkscrews over the midway. Nice location over water. Rough on helix! 'Nuff said.
    HIGH ROLLER- Bumpy woodie with long lines. For the credit. Turnaround has big trim brake!
    MAD MOUSE- Pretty fun mouse with a swooping drop after the switchbacks. Long lines; popular with families. Nice lateral Gs.
    STEEL VENOM- Second-generation Impulse. Pretty short lines, I love the launch in the first seat! Could be a lot taller, the back seat barely twists on the spiraling spike!
    WILD THING- My personal favorite here. Second, short hill is parabolic, producing lowest low-gravity section of any coaster in the world. Niiiice airtime, but ruined by seatbelts! Strong helix, overbraked midcourse blocks, and ugly tunnel. Lines are really short on this one!

    Valleyfair! is starting to get reallly boring. They suck at running rides to full capacity, you must get off a coaster even with no line, and flat rides run for too short of a time. Renegade will be a nice addition, but we really need a forceful B&M; looping invert, floorless or something, Steel Venom doesn't really cut it...You will have some fun grabbing some new coasters here, but it won't stand out.

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