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Oakwood Leisure Park

Amusement Park Info
Current Name: Oakwood Leisure Park
Location: Narberth, Dyfed, SA67 8DE, United Kingdom
Status: Operating
Links: Official Website
Nearest Parks:
(As the crow flies)
Coney Beach Amusement Park - 48.83 miles
Barry Island Pleasure Park - 66.42 miles
Brean Leisure Park - 83.41 miles

Roller Coasters
Rating Votes
1. Megafobia 8.80 49
2. Speed 8.75 12
3. Treetops 5.05 41
4. Clown Coaster 2.95 22

Oakwood Leisure Park - Amusement Theme Park Info
Member Ratings
Park: 7.1/10 (40 votes)
Coasters: 6.5/10 (124 votes)
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    Recent Park News
  • Oakwood charged for Hydro death in 2004 (24-Feb-2008)
  • Oakwood to be prosecuted over 2004 death on Hydro (19-May-2007)
  • Inquest reports restraints not checked on Hydro death at Oakwood (17-May-2006)
  • Oakwood announce Speed, a new roller coaster for 2006 (08-Feb-2006)
  • Oakwood cleared of criminal charges for death on Hyrdo (23-Jan-2006)
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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Oakwood Leisure Park
    DavW 08-Aug-2002 10:56:19
    Bounce(tower ride) is a must-ride for anyone visiting, it combines a shot and drop tower with one that lifts you up to the top and drops you; and, you get both in the same ride!

    gforcejunkie 06-Feb-2004 11:19:33
    I know this comment may not be on rollercoasters but the wet ride at oakwood is amazing it's called hydro your not a gforce junkie unless you've ridden this ride send me your thoughts on this ride please.

    --- This message was edited by gforce junkie on Mar 2, 2004 8:30:55 AM ---

    dodgeygirl 21-Apr-2004 17:42:56
    Although What happened on Hydro was a Fatal Tragedy it still has not put me and my friends off from riding it when we go to wales in the summer although our deepest sympathy goes out to the 16 yr olds Parents and friends and to any one else who witnessed this horriffic accident bounce and Hydro are the best 2 rides at oakwood Lesiure park

    gareth 25-Jul-2004 16:01:19
    if you go here go on megafobia its the best woddie i been on and best ride at oakwood

    --- This message was edited by gareth on Jul 25, 2004 4:01:43 PM ---

    rcmadman11 02-Aug-2005 15:57:44
    Even after the tragic accident last year with the girl falling off hydro. it still hasnt stopped me and my mates riding it because it is the best ride at oakwood and you get soaked. and megafobia is one of the best woddies in Britain.

    Legendary_Monk 07-Apr-2007 15:57:51
    The new ride Speed is absolutley amazing. With a vertical lift and a more than vertical drop. Megafobia is still one of the best rides around and Hydro is also fantastic. GO TO THIS PARK

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