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Michigan's Adventure - Amusement Theme Park Info

Michigan's Adventure

Park Info
Location: Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Status: Operating

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Shivering Timbers 9.04 75
2. Wolverine Wildcat 6.35 68
3. Mad Mouse 5.70 64
4. Zach's Zoomer 5.58 65
5. Corkscrew 4.41 66
6. Big Dipper 3.84 44
Member Ratings
Park: 6.6/10 (56 votes)
Coasters: 6.0/10 (382 votes)
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  • Michigan's Adventure to add new river rapids ride for 2006 (26-Oct-2005)

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    Members' Comments

    Topic: Michigan's Adventure
    MiAJon 02-Sep-2002 16:15:01
    Since this is my homepark, I love it, and for a quick hint as of 2003: think BIG. If CGrotto doesn't mind, I'd like to help them a bit with this page to get it updated.

    CP4ever 27-Jul-2003 12:56:19
    I just got back from Michigan's Adventure. Everyone at the park was saying that Shivering Timbers was rough, but I thought it was smooth for a woodie. The airtime was great! I'm really skinny, so the safety bar was pretty loose, and I wore the seatbelt loose too. On the airtime hills, it felt like I was standing. I'm not the biggest fan of woodies, but this is going into my top 5! About the rest of the park: Yes, it needs better landscaping and more restrooms. There aren't many food stands either. The rides are all right, but they need a ride like Power Tower or something, so more thrill-seekers could come. If you don't go to the water park, the ride park starts to get boring. After I rode all the coasters,which took less than an hour, I just wandered around the park. It wasn't a bad place, but there was not much to do.

    moparfreak440 31-May-2005 03:35:34
    I agree the park is small but the ride on shivering timbers is worth the price of admission ...lets say this if your passing by michigan adventure and want a thrill shivering timbers is your kinda ride but if your coming from far away to play here its a waste of money ...more kiddie rides than good adult THRILL rides.....

    cedarpointfreak50 14-Oct-2006 14:58:37
    CORKSCREW: Yet another painful Arrow Coaster. 4/10
    ZACH'S ZOOMER: I actually enjoy these junior woodies. 6/10
    MAD MOUSE: Yikes! Way too overbraked and just plain BORING! 4/10
    WOLVERINE WILDCAT: Not too bad, but nothing to get excited about. 6/10
    SHIVERING TIMBERS: Finally, a really good ride at MA. Good airtime, laterals and everything to make it a good woodie. 9/10
    the worst Cedar Fair park.

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