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Bottons Pleasure Beach - Amusement Theme Park Info

Bottons Pleasure Beach

Park Info
Location: Skegness, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Status: Operating
Opened: 1965

# Current Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Rockin Roller 6.50 4
2. Queen Bee 3.55 11
3. Runaway Train 3.50 12
4. Big Apple 2.69 13

# Defunct Roller Coasters Rating Votes
1. Wild Mouse 4.80 5
2. Storm 4.33 15
Member Ratings
Park: 4.8/10 (11 votes)
Coasters: 3.5/10 (40 votes)
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    Topic: Bottons Pleasure Beach
    MartinBranford 20-Jan-2006 14:21:23
    I think Botton's Pleasure Beach in Skegness is a great little amusment park,you can have alot of fun here especially if you are with your family and its a sunny summerday! and i would also say it is value for money! For example last summer you could purchase an all day wristband for £10 valid on all rides, and all day really does mean all day as in the summer its open from 10am -10/11pm so thats costing you less than £1 per hour to ride all the rides, also after 5pm wristbands are £6!

    and you cant compare this little park to blackpools pleasure beach as they are aimed at different things, Blackpool PB= aimed a attracting visitors from all over the world
    Skeggy PB= aimed at giving you that little bit extra to do on your holiday/trip/visit to skegness!

    This little park also is expanding alot every year:-

    2001: New Golf course and River ride
    2002: Brand New Queen Bee rollercoaster
    2003: New Mc Donalds Restraunt
    2004: Brand New Wild River Log Flume + Rockin' Tug also removal of Dodgy Simulator
    2005: Brand New 39 metre high Ferris Wheel
    2006: Brand New Fabbri Spinning Rollercoaster, which replaces the 'Storm' Rollercoaster
    The New Spinning rollercoaster is a brand new design and Skeggy Pleasure Beach are the first people/company to purchase one!

    Obviously with all these new rides the prices wiil go up and for the 2006 season wristband are £12 all day & £9 after 5pm.also on april 13th wristbands are only £3, YES THATS £3 and all the money goes to charity, all the rides are open from 12-5, NOW THATS VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

    Even though the normal wristbands cost £12 its still the cheapest amusment park/theme park i know of!

    --- This message was edited by on 20-Jan-2006 14:23:58 ---

    charliexjx 20-Jan-2006 18:17:22
    Skegness pleasure beach is the cheapest and best day out you will have especially with family or friends. it is a great amusement park and even though it isnt that big, it is value for money and has lots of new and classic rides such as the paratrooper and the massive pirate ship where the ship nearly goes vertical and also the waltzers where it is the only place where they still spin you when you are in your cars! it is always expanding and lots of fun for all the family!!!!!!!!

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