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Coaster Quiz is a free interactive quiz game containing thousands of trivia questions on roller coasters and theme parks. Coaster Quiz is brought to you by Coaster Grotto - the essential guide to theme parks and roller coasters.

All questions are compiled from information contained within the Coaster Grotto database. This information may differ from other official or unofficial websites on the Internet. We make every attempt to ensure that the data contained within the database is correct and up to date, however, we cannot guarentee the accuracy of any of the information contained within the database.

All statistical values are imperial (non metric), and are rounded up or down to the nearest integral value.

Coaster Grotto reserves the right to reset Hi Scores at anytime. Each member is only allowed one entry in the Hi Score table, that being their highest score achieved. In order to make the Hi Score table you must beat the score already listed for any given position. You do not need to be a member of Coaster Grotto to play, however, if you wish to save your Hi Score you must Register or Login before playing.

Please note that pressing your browser's refresh or back button will be deemed as an attempt to cheat, and will result in you losing a life.

You need to have a java enabled browser to play Coaster Quiz.


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