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    Six Flags New England Download 
    Descpription: THis is a some what accurate recreation of six flags new england

    Created By: hotroddude
    Date Added: 05-Dec-2005
    Game Required: Wild
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 571
    Rating: 6.7/10 (3 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags New England
    hotroddude 06-Dec-2005 04:07:59
    hi this is my recreation of six flags new england plz tell me if you think its good and i just finished my cedar point i just sent it i my wireless had no connection but i found an extra cord it should be up soon

    --- This message was edited by on 20-Dec-2005 03:00:27 ---

    leatherface 09-Dec-2005 16:17:21
    Its very inaccurate. Add more scenery and make it more realistic!

    hotroddude 10-Dec-2005 00:07:11
    sory ive never been there before i just know the rides and stuff

    KoasterKiddo92 31-Dec-2005 05:29:31
    its a pretty cool park, ive never been there so i dont know about the whole layout and accuracy deal but from what i know about the park id say job well done!

    but 1 thing... can u please tell me how to upload parks of my own, i have tried but it says it must be a .zip file and all of mine are not,they are all .dat, could you please tell me where to go or wat to do? thnax

    hotroddude 31-Dec-2005 21:46:39
    ok to upload a park u just go to my documents under rct3 parks right click the park file and where it says send to, hold the mouse over that for a little while and it will say a compressed zip. folder and thats how to get it to a zip than to upload u click the browse button and find the file click on it and will pop up in the upload thing

    --- This message was edited by on 31-Dec-2005 21:48:05 ---

    KoasterKiddo92 31-Dec-2005 23:10:30
    thank you so much... be expevting a few parks from me in a lil bit!

    Robba_91 25-Jul-2006 09:35:57
    I don´t have wild so I can´t drive it in my game, but it looks very nice on the pic

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