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    Six Flags Magic Mountain Download 
    Descpription: Updated version for Soaked of my recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain. Changes include proper tunnels (Revolution, Metro, and Goliath), waterfalls (Log Jammer, Valencia Falls, Roaring Rapids), mist effects (Cool Zone, Goliath), updated Roaring Rapids (using White Water River), updated Dive Devil (using Sky coaster), plus several landscaping and scenery changes. This update DOES NOT include Hurricane Harbour or Tatsu.

    Created By: Oblivion
    Date Added: 16-Dec-2005
    Game Required: Soaked
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 2552
    Rating: 9.8/10 (10 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Uknown33 21-Jun-2006 19:08:02
    Is there a Six flags with Tatsu

    flypilot4 25-Jun-2006 14:31:22
    I thought the placing of the rides were right but the rides aren't done as close as they really are. I know you can't get them exactly right but like on Viper the aproach to the pretzel loop was wrong there isn't an S turn to get to it and the pretzel loop is backwards. Collossus has the flaw where in the ride as it ends the tracks make a 90 degree left turn to the station.

    Robba_91 01-Aug-2006 10:44:07
    I think this is my favourite of those parks I have download from RCT grotto, 10/10.

    Nihtro 07-Aug-2006 02:17:13
    Amazing...nice job on goliath!

    Bluecounty 17-Aug-2006 17:08:46
    Would you be willing to make a version with tatsu and hurricaine harbour?

    CoastaGuy 01-Sep-2006 00:05:52
    Great park, now can anyone make a six flags over georgia?????? :P

    king-marty 22-Nov-2006 19:07:28
    it is wck-ed

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