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    Thorpe Park Download 
    Descpription: A great Recreation of Thrope Park! Including Stealth...the new Blast Coaster!

    Created By: tjdude
    Date Added: 12-Feb-2006
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 2750
    Rating: 9.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Thorpe Park
    RCT3_King 02-Aug-2006 21:18:21
    This is so awesome. It rocks 10/10 got my DL. It would be even better if X:/ no way out was there thou But keep up good work

    Jayz 05-Aug-2006 01:46:17
    cant wait to see it (have to buy RCT3 first)
    i work at thorpe park lol (believe or not) pitty if i had known i cud of recorded the fright night detonator and nemisis inferno musics (still cant get detonator music out my head 'humpty dumpty sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a grat fall' 'guests scream')

    if u eva come to thorpe park i work in amity area (detonator, stealth, tidal wave, octopus garden) as an operator so if u ask for jamie i will let u on from the exit ramps :)

    ffs 20-Aug-2006 08:12:43
    Its allright but not great

    ffs 20-Aug-2006 08:14:42
    ive been to thorpe park but when i whent stealth was not working

    rossrocks 15-Oct-2006 00:07:13
    i dont have a parks folder so were would i save the file email me at rossrocks_21@hotmail.com if you know

    rossrocks 15-Oct-2006 22:41:47
    i just downloaded and have updated so stealth is right but i might do collosus and put back up because its meant to be a corkscrew bt hay its still gd

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