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    Descpription: This is my recreation dca...i hope u enjoy it....does anyone know how to use the coaster interscet...code..

    Created By: rctsteven
    Date Added: 14-Mar-2006
    Game Required: Soaked + Wild
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 527
    Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: DCA
    hotroddude 14-Mar-2006 23:59:29
    the coaster intersect code if u have it and the rides all radey collide u have to rebuild the whole thing for them both to run on the same track

    rctsteven 15-Mar-2006 00:48:48
    but how do u make sumthing like revenge of the mummy like on the atari forums....make it go backwards.....and wut is the code i think i got the right code...plz help

    hotroddude 15-Mar-2006 01:31:19
    hmmm im not sure how to make it go backwards, try asking who ever did it http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=510101
    there is the URL to where i found it i think i heard there was and esier way but this worked for me

    rctsteven 15-Mar-2006 02:20:24
    Leave feed bac

    rctsteven 16-Mar-2006 20:43:20
    Grr!!! it wont let me sign up..cuz i have a free email adress could u ask 4 me http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=515547......how do u make go backwards...???

    hotroddude 17-Mar-2006 01:47:35
    really? it wouldnt let me sign up once but i tried again a little while ago and it worked fine i have gmail but sure i will, im really sick today i just got up and wanted to check everything if i get a chance ill ask today

    hotroddude 18-Mar-2006 00:02:42
    k i just saw that thread that person hasnt finished it yet and someone already asked how are they going to get it to go back on track B like that so i will keep waching to see if it works and if they dont answer that question i will ask again

    rctsteven 23-Mar-2006 06:27:42
    can ne 1 get me a map of walibi world..i wanna try and make a recreation...

    hotroddude 29-Mar-2006 07:31:12
    the link finally worked for me i think ita ll looks great sept the colors on screamin i think it all white sept the launch a light blue i havnt looked but that how i remember it but its very accurate

    rctsteven 03-Apr-2006 04:36:34
    haha thnx..

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