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    CedarPoint! Download 
    Descpription: This Park took me about a whole month to do! i find it verry accurate from all the research i have been doing to make this the best i can! i relly hope u download this park, rate it and leve me a comment. Sandusky, Ohio! -tjdude

    Created By: tjdude
    Date Added: 20-Mar-2006
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 3733
    Rating: 6.2/10 (13 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: CedarPoint!
    tjdude 22-Mar-2006 20:10:03
    c'mon guys! where is the comments!?!?...


    rctsteven 23-Mar-2006 04:05:32
    koo park..

    yugioh 25-Mar-2006 11:44:49
    looks cool from here but i see the drop on Millenium Force is off

    tjdude 25-Mar-2006 18:45:45

    go to this pic...i dont think that the millenium Force Drop is off i took a pic of it and the drop looks like it goes strate down and then out...just trying to make it look right but whatever!....uhhhh

    BOB101 25-Mar-2006 19:33:50
    Bout time some1 makes a cedar point recreation. Good Job ! :)

    ew1075 26-Mar-2006 09:22:55
    Overall nice job on the park. There are a ton of small inaccuracies, both in the park, and the rides. For instance, Top Thrill Dragster does not do a 270 twist on the way up, it does a 90 degree twist, and a 270 on the way down. Mellenium Force doesn't have a chain to pull the train up the first hill, so that coaster is completely broken. Most of the other coasters have at least 1 thing wrong with them. A lot of ride names are misspelled, and some don't have names at all.

    Other than the small things, this is a great park. And it's certainly better than anything I could do. Great job!

    yugioh 26-Mar-2006 19:07:36
    its good i guess like what ew1075 said there was alot of stuff i found wrong some stuff didn't have a path Millenium force has a giga coaster layout not a hyper lol and some rides weren't finished i give you a 5/10

    tjdude 26-Mar-2006 22:26:49
    even though i think everyone is being a lil harsh on the rating...i totaly respect there time and opinions! keep-em-comming guys!!!


    roller8652 01-Apr-2006 14:32:33
    I agree also dont make a waterpark if you dont have soaked it gets anoying cause then i have to go bck and make the whole waterpark over i give you a 2

    BrandonENVY 13-Apr-2006 16:10:36
    How do you get to play these parks?

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