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    CedarPoint! Download 
    Descpription: This Park took me about a whole month to do! i find it verry accurate from all the research i have been doing to make this the best i can! i relly hope u download this park, rate it and leve me a comment. Sandusky, Ohio! -tjdude

    Created By: tjdude
    Date Added: 20-Mar-2006
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 3219
    Rating: 5.8/10 (12 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: CedarPoint!
    tjdude 15-Apr-2006 16:24:33
    u would have to put it into a different file/slection in 'mydocuments...rct3'
    not 100% sure what file to put it in tho?
    i hope i helped!

    BrandonENVY 15-Apr-2006 18:15:12
    thanks.but yeah I have NO idea what document to save it in.does anybody have any Ideas?

    chiz 16-Apr-2006 14:41:34
    Place it in: My Documents/RCT3/Parks.
    Then load the game up and click play on the main menu. Then click sandbox mode. And load a game. It should be there.
    But does anybody know how to show a picture of your parks.
    Please check out alton towers and Alton towers 2nd attempt.

    Webmaster 16-Apr-2006 21:14:51
    chiz - you need to upload the alton towers file again, you didn't put the park in the zip file only the screenshot

    mikelkoaster45 01-Jun-2006 22:08:45
    when i played it it was weird because u named some of the rides there wrong and millenium force was kinda not a giga coaster so i give u 7.

    --- This message was edited by on 11-Jun-2006 14:13:37 ---

    sportman03 02-Jun-2006 20:37:39
    Ok very detailed but some rides dont work (Melenium force)

    Plague 11-Jun-2006 22:07:46
    I think this recreation is actually pretty good. Cedar Point is a hard park to create, there are alot of things you have to add to create it, and the creater of this park done pretty good at doing it. Good job.

    tjdude 12-Jun-2006 23:55:29
    aWWWWW!!! thats likr the best comment ever!!!!

    thanks u rely made my day!

    b/c this park was a BI*** to make and the people who hate my recreations need to try CP. and will have a comp!!!lol

    but anyways Very Updated Darien Lake is comming in the next 5 days so be prepared...its good!

    --- This message was edited by on 12-Jun-2006 23:58:20 ---

    Ellie 14-Jun-2006 17:56:06
    I've seen better and Top Thrill has wrong turns on it but all in all a decent recreation 6/10

    Cloud 27-Jun-2006 18:22:05
    Great Job Id Give It 10/10!

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