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    Sixflags Great Adventure 2006! Download 
    Descpription: A Great Recreation of Sixflags Great Adventure! And also the new Monsturous Wooden Coatser El Toro!

    Created By: tjdude
    Date Added: 21-Apr-2006
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 3000
    Rating: 8.6/10 (5 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Sixflags Great Adventure 2006!
    Jayke 21-Apr-2006 10:36:36
    wow nice looking park i live in australia and the coasters over here are kinda cheesy but the ones in america look awsome

    tjdude 22-Apr-2006 03:44:19
    Jayke-never ben to australia! sounds kool tho!
    deffidently check out our parks!

    so ya!...i still want more feed-back! o and dont forget to rate it!

    Unregistered 22-Apr-2006 09:29:39
    I don't know much about Six Flags Great Adventure since I live in England. However from what pictures I have seen of it,this looks like a pretty good recreation. But what happened to the Nitro Coaster as most of its track is missing. Anyway, I'll still give you about 8/10

    tjdude 22-Apr-2006 19:16:26
    yha nitro is a BIG rollercoaster like half of the park in size and i didnt have room to put in the whole thing. but anyways... at least El Toro is in there!...keep em' comming!


    tjdude 24-Apr-2006 03:31:07
    Anywonw wanna leve comments? dont be scared too!


    jamie 28-Apr-2006 20:10:06
    mine wont download i click download and the thing that says if i dont start in 5 secs click here i dont do anything it looks nice from the pic

    tjdude 29-Apr-2006 17:56:21
    well some times thta happends to mee...so just keep reloading the page


    Ellie 14-Jun-2006 17:49:00
    Pretty dang good, i tried this one quit because nitro was a diffucult one to recreate.

    IamAfilipino 18-Jun-2006 00:34:39
    It's easy to recreate a ride if you have roller coaster tycoon 2. Like me i have roller coaster tycoon 2 triple thrill pack and roller coaster tycoon 3.

    achemicalsunset 20-Jun-2006 23:11:16
    When you download these files where do you put it in the RCT3 folder so that you can play it in the game?

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