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    Alton Towers. Version 2!!! Download 
    Descpription: A park every one has been waiting for. A Recreation of Europes best, and prettiest and biggest park. ALTON TOWERS!!!!

    Created By: chiz
    Date Added: 06-Jul-2006
    Game Required: Soaked + Wild
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 1993
    Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Alton Towers. Version 2!!!
    chiz 16-Aug-2006 10:03:56
    On the 2nd comment down on page 2. That may help u. It is CHIZ and was posted on: 15-Jul-2006 23:29:09

    Bluecounty 16-Aug-2006 11:22:24
    I done that but on the web page there is no link to download the Leftovers pack and the novice shop walls, can you have a look and if you find it give me the link.

    --- This message was edited by on 16-Aug-2006 11:25:43 ---

    coaster_freak 17-Aug-2006 17:06:03
    Hi it's me again, coaster freak. Thank you for the reply about it being accurate. I just have a problem. I don't know how you put the file onto roller coaster tycoon 3. Please tell me how to get it on to the game so i can play it.

    chiz 17-Aug-2006 18:51:30
    The file you need to place it in is:
    My Documents/RCT3/Parks.
    Hope this helps!!!

    chris89 17-Aug-2006 19:49:12
    HI i've downloaded all the scenery expect Park Novice Shop Walls, i've searched for the file and can not find it, could you plz supply the link for me,


    Bluecounty 18-Aug-2006 11:57:09
    Yah, me to I can't find the park nivice shop walls anywhere!

    coaster_freak 19-Aug-2006 11:41:44
    Thankyou for that. I just wanted to know if you needed anything to play it apart from Soaked and Wild

    chiz 24-Aug-2006 13:00:58
    Hi. I´m in spain at the moment and will be back on sunday. I will answer the park novice question when i get back, but coaster freak. You only need the custom scenery, soaked ad wild.

    P.S. Please do not post any comments till sunday as they won´t be answered till when i get back.

    chiz 27-Aug-2006 17:34:15
    I am not just showing you the link for the shop walls. But also the site for every park and ride downloads.

    Bluecounty 28-Aug-2006 09:32:32
    I downloaded the Park Novice's Food and Drink walls are they the right ones because I couldn't find Shop Walls?

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