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    Alton Towers. Version 2!!! Download 
    Descpription: A park every one has been waiting for. A Recreation of Europes best, and prettiest and biggest park. ALTON TOWERS!!!!

    Created By: chiz
    Date Added: 06-Jul-2006
    Game Required: Soaked + Wild
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 2002
    Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Alton Towers. Version 2!!!
    chiz 29-Aug-2006 14:26:46
    The shop walls are the same as the food court walls. So yes, they are the right ones.

    chiz 30-Aug-2006 10:47:06
    I will be building a new one for 2007. With the removal of the corkscrew and a mysterious new ride for 2007. Who know's what it's going to end up like. Chizzer

    Starts:1st January 2007
    Approx Finish: 1st July 2007

    roller8652 09-Oct-2006 03:35:16
    Mine wont work and i have eveything needed. Also when it starts loading it say like this item(then the custom object name) doesnt have the abitlity to open or somthing like that but i hit retry acouple times then it goes away then the progress keeps going then freezes up and exits the game.

    chiz 09-Oct-2006 16:33:51
    I'm sorry to hear that but all i can say to help is check if you have all of the custom objects (List earlier in comments) and the wild and soaked expansion.

    chiz 10-Oct-2006 08:46:28
    New ride for 2008 at Alton Towers.
    Not for 2007.
    A new ride has been rumoured for ages but now it has officialy been realeased that in 2008 there will be a new wooden roller coaster based around the Ug land area of the park. The new ride for 2007 should not be anything big. (Removal of the corkscrew in 2008)

    Please can i have some more comments


    alpengeist 11-Oct-2006 21:59:47
    The park is considerably accurate but Air and Cork=screw are all messed up

    roller8652 12-Oct-2006 01:15:45
    Wait did you already make a thorpe park recreation?

    chiz 12-Oct-2006 08:21:34
    I know that some of the roller coasters are messed up. Sorry about that.
    And i have not made the thorpe park on this site. But i am workin on it. I think i'll do a Alton Tower recreation 2007 later in the year. But the ride is not going to be that big acording to Alton towers.

    chiz 30-Oct-2006 16:34:40
    Another (As u may have guest) Alton towers park is comin. I might give up on it but this likely park may cum my best recreation ever. Please carry on postin your comments;)

    --- This message was edited by on 30-Oct-2006 16:34:56 ---

    rossrocks 03-Nov-2006 16:03:31
    dont use a storm runner for stealth use a strato coaster

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