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    Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Download 
    Descpription: my 5th park rec This time SFKK i will upload SFSL or HP soon thanks Track_Designer_RCT3

    Created By: Track_designer_RCT3
    Date Added: 19-Dec-2006
    Game Required: Soaked
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 647
    Rating: 8.0/10 (2 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
    Track_designer_RCT3 21-Dec-2006 12:26:05
    man i have spewed out 5 recreations in the space of 30 Days

    --- This message was edited by on 22-Dec-2006 05:06:27 ---

    chrisps 21-Dec-2006 21:20:52
    I relly liked this park receraction it was relly good I like all of the senery in the park but in the next park receraction that you put up for downloed can you put the jcats supports on the coasters? I hope that you put hersheypark up soon it is my home park and I never got to see it in rct3 Can you try to do a park receraction of pki and a park receraction six flags festa texas and a receraction six flags new orlens? I have never seen the parks that I have posted in rct3 good luck with do the park receractions that I have asked for.

    Track_designer_RCT3 22-Dec-2006 05:05:45
    Where Do i find The JCATS SUPPORTS

    chrisps 22-Dec-2006 20:35:53
    You can find the jcats supports at the Atari forms under custom scenery you might have to do a search for the jcats supports but they are there or you could become a member of the Atari forms and ask how to use them on your coasters. What park are you going to put up for download next? I hope that you put hersheypark up for downloed soon becuse it is my home park and I go there every year.

    Track_designer_RCT3 23-Dec-2006 05:20:29
    well SFGL is coming soon it is being aprooved and i am working On Paramount Great America. Although as it is tobig to fit on 1 map so i am doing north and south. North is nearly done

    roller8652 23-Dec-2006 13:19:30
    What is SFGL?

    chrisps 24-Dec-2006 04:12:48
    I think that sounds relly good what you are working on I hope that the parks that you are working on get done soon. I hope that you do a hersheypark receraction some time soon I hope that you get rct3 platom it has all of the rct3 games in one box I found one in best buy today I got for my sister for Christmas so check out best buy or circuit city near you or a local game store they should have rct3 plutom edition it has rct3 wild in it that is the only way you will get rct3 wild good luck finding I hope that you can find it and get because it has alot of good stuff in it including a extend coaster which has all of the real elements of the twister coasters have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Did you use the jcats custom supports in the cedar point park? I hope that you use them in all of your parks are you going to put the stealth in the paramounts great America? I hope that you do becuse that is were it used to be and I relly like that coaster so can you add it to the park or do a park receraction of paramount's carowinds I would also like to see a park receraction of paramounts kings island and a park receraction of bush gardens williamsburg or bush gardens tampa bay to parks that I would relly like to see in rct3.

    Track_designer_RCT3 24-Dec-2006 05:07:30
    how many recs do you want

    BG williamsburg
    BG Tampa Bay

    chrisps 24-Dec-2006 05:35:36
    I think that good enough for now thanks for doing the parks recreations for me If I can think of anymore park receractions I will let you know thanks again for doing the park receractions that I have asked for I think that you should get rct3 wild becuse of the new stuff in rct3 wild it able in the plutom edition of rct3 you can find it at circuit city or a best buy or an ebgames store or a local game store or at any place that sells computer games I hope that you can find and you use it for the park receractions that I have asked for. I also hope that you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

    Track_designer_RCT3 24-Dec-2006 07:32:40
    and merry christmas to you to


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