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    Fun Fair 2007 Download 
    Descpription: it was a staying fun fair i went to its was cool i think its a good recreation p.s peeps love. it was up north near alton towers

    Created By: Mickman500
    Date Added: 19-Dec-2006
    Game Required: Soaked + Wild
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 166
    Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Fun Fair 2007
    Mickman500 21-Dec-2006 15:34:41
    comon guy's please comment

    Track_designer_RCT3 22-Dec-2006 05:09:06
    well... since i can't play it cauise i dont hav wild i cant really comment but you could hav put upm a pic

    Mickman500 26-Dec-2006 15:39:20
    sorry im new and i don't know how to put up pic's with parks.

    Track_designer_RCT3 28-Dec-2006 23:39:24

    1. Press F10 in game for a shot of park
    2. Go to MyPictures/RCT3 and Cut the Picture
    3. Paste Into The Zipped Folder with the park
    (note. Approval Process may take 2-3 days)

    That should Be helpful

    Mickman500 02-Jan-2007 12:33:20

    Adominator 07-Jan-2007 20:39:02
    How can it be Funfair 2007 if you uploaded it before the New Year?


    Mickman500 08-Jan-2007 10:59:48
    ahh they advertise the new ride in 2007 and i already had the 2006 park so i just added my recreation of the new ride in 2007 so i made the new ride in the 2006 so i called Fun Fair 2007

    Thanks Admin And Have A Great Year!

    --- This message was edited by on 08-Jan-2007 11:00:10 ---

    Mickman500 06-Feb-2007 16:57:22
    hey. me again new park ( RcT3 ) its..........

    MickMan's LaNd Of ThE WoRlD c ya

    happy holidays to all

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