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    Descpription: amother park rec i like but even though i have never been there i used the map to work out this park cheers GO SEAHAWKS WIN THE SUPER BOWL

    Created By: Track_designer_RCT3
    Date Added: 20-Dec-2006
    Game Required: Soaked
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 484
    Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Cedar Point
    chrisps 24-Dec-2006 05:39:47
    I relly enjoyed this park receraction I like the paths that you used in the park and the stations on the coasters were relly good. I also like all of the coaster but you can still epore in the park receraction the mullim force was the wrong type of coaster but that's ok the mantis should have a corksew on it but everything was relly good in this park receraction.

    Track_designer_RCT3 24-Dec-2006 07:30:57
    I tried to put it like the map because it is thin at the bottom and wide at the top so i put millenium force at an angle

    Cloud 01-Jan-2007 01:46:20
    DUDE DID U Put the MAVRICK in? If u cant make it i did I'll give it to u mabe if u ask

    Track_designer_RCT3 09-Jan-2007 23:41:15
    thanks cloud i would like that alot but it is still being contructed last i heard

    Cloud 12-Jan-2007 01:41:08
    Yes i know But go to cediar point .com! Look at Pics of it its right by mean streak! And it was very hard for me to make but i did!

    Track_designer_RCT3 17-Jan-2007 23:12:53
    Luna Park Sydney will be built

    Cloud if you cant make SFSL no 1 can i tried to and it is like SFMM or building an exact replica of melbourne

    Cloud 20-Jan-2007 23:26:47
    SO ur not doin it!?!?! Man that Bites no 1 will ever make SFSL! Man that bites hard!

    Track_designer_RCT3 21-Jan-2007 02:07:03
    i would but i can makit it is hard. i can make my homepark and more but SFSL man that is hard Sorry Altoughi can make some of the coasters or make it together

    Mach_6 21-Jan-2007 05:49:28
    I don't think Track_designer_RCT3 can make S--T! In case your wondering, this is the second time this version of Cedar Point was put on this site, first by hotroddude, now by this chump! I had a Geauga Lake stolen, too. Go here for the original and better version while the forum is still online: http://www.rcttown.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3472
    Proof is in 1) the date, 2) avalanche run instead of disaster transport and 3) look at the map view and my initials (CTM) are there! Bleh.

    Track_designer_RCT3 22-Jan-2007 22:59:42
    here we go again

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