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    Descpription: amother park rec i like but even though i have never been there i used the map to work out this park cheers GO SEAHAWKS WIN THE SUPER BOWL

    Created By: Track_designer_RCT3
    Date Added: 20-Dec-2006
    Game Required: Soaked
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 529
    Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Cedar Point
    Mach_6 24-Jan-2007 03:59:13
    First off, as far as I can tell, your name 'Matthew Serle' in no way leads to the initials 'CTM'. Second, you're 16 so you weren't even alive when Avalanche Run was in the park (do you even know what that is?). Finally, why was this park added to RCTgrotto in December 2006, a full year and a half after it was posted here (http://www.rcttown.com/pafiledb3/index.php?act=view&id;=64) in June 2005. Seems to me if you were an almighty super park recreator, you would have posted it as soon as you were done with it. FYI, you spelled some of the words wrong above (stowl is spelled stole... they do have dictionaries online).

    Track_designer_RCT3 24-Jan-2007 05:17:24
    blahblah blah i know how to spell and check out my dreamwotld rec i included the thunderbolt which closed down in 2003 with the claw in it which was built in 2005 so what if i posted it a year after it was made nothing wrong with that is there

    Mach_6 24-Jan-2007 13:25:55
    So you obviously admit that you haven't posted this park before, though it was posted on RCTTown in June of 2005, and again on this site in December, 2005 by hotroddude. If you took over a year to post it, how would the exact same park appear twice before online?

    Track_designer_RCT3 25-Jan-2007 00:08:35
    oh and the initials CTM stands for
    Cedar Point
    Matthew Serle

    Track_designer_RCT3 25-Jan-2007 00:10:41
    Park Name

    C edar Point


    T rack_designer_RCT3


    Matthew Serle

    Make sense CTM

    Mach_6 25-Jan-2007 00:50:33
    That explains it all! Thank's bloke for the clarification. With those initials, all 'your' parks must be safe. Oh wait, none of your other recreations have it. How interesting.

    Actually, your explanation reminds me of how people read into Nostradamus' quatrains and make up a story on how he saw the future.

    Track_designer_RCT3 25-Jan-2007 04:00:25
    well Since MY repeat MY Geauga Lake Rec People thought it was yours and was takin of the site
    i decided to fool Proof my parks prom now on

    --- This message was edited by on 25-Jan-2007 04:01:12 ---

    chrisps 25-Jan-2007 16:09:43
    I relly enjoyed the cedar point receraction it was relly good do you think that you can do cedar point again with rct3 wild? Mach 6 welcome to the site I hope that you can post the two park receractions from rcttown her on this site I have downloed your Hershey park receraction and relly liked it but your cedar point park I cannot get to work on my computer so I hope that you can redo cedar point and post it her on this site and I hope that you use rct3 wild for the park receraction of cedar point. Track designer rct3 I hope that you can do all of the park receractions that I have asked for I whould also like to see a park receraction of valley fair with rct3 wild and all of the park receractions I have asked for with rct3 soked and rct3 wild I hope that you can redo ceder point with rct3 wild becue the mantis and be done with an extend coaster and mullim force can be done with rct3 wild becuse of the elements in the giga coaster for rct3 wild.

    Track_designer_RCT3 26-Jan-2007 00:19:38
    oh mach 6 now i remember U Copied this

    i emailed it to someone who spread it around the internet who then emailed it to you you posted it on rcttown hotroddudeposted it on this site from rct town and when i finally decided to put it up for download it was on another site so you are the copier

    Mach_6 26-Jan-2007 04:25:52
    Hey bloke,
    so, 'fool proof' your parks, eh? So, since Geauga Lake was taken off many months ago, and you added 5 in the last month, you must have 'fool proofed' those as well. Wait...what's that? No 'PTM' on your Paramounts park, no 'STM' on your Six Flags Park? No 'DTM' on your Dreamworld park? Steal those too, eh? You're so sneaky!

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