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    Descpription: amother park rec i like but even though i have never been there i used the map to work out this park cheers GO SEAHAWKS WIN THE SUPER BOWL

    Created By: Track_designer_RCT3
    Date Added: 20-Dec-2006
    Game Required: Soaked
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 536
    Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Cedar Point
    Mach_6 26-Jan-2007 04:30:03
    My original Cedar Point (from RCTTown-the one stolen here) should work without any problems, and it doesn't need soaked. I do ahave a second one there... much much better than my original (twice stolen) version. Make sure to look at the readme.txt because there are some options that need to be changed before opening or it WILL NOT work. Post here or there with any problems. Enjoy!

    chrisps 26-Jan-2007 05:10:52
    I downloed the cedar point at rctown and failed the instions in the read me part but how do I change the opinions tex to the new options tex like you said in the read me file? I did that put the park still didnt work for me I went to my documents administer and I didn't find the tex that you are talking about in the read me file with the downloed where do I look for the tex file that is in the read me file I searched everywhere on my computer and din'tn find that tex thing that is the read me file I think that it is a hidden file how do I open a hidden file and look to see if the tex is in there?

    Track_designer_RCT3 26-Jan-2007 23:34:18
    what no geauga lake was my 6th rec idiot

    Mach_6 27-Jan-2007 04:37:15
    Aww, track_designer_rct3 is getting angwy. Oh, sorry... spell check says 'angry'. I think someone's getting caught in a thieving lie.
    Also, your last comment didn't make sense, especially considering punctuation (or lack thereof). It may have been your 6th recreation (I didn't seewhat you did before then), but it was taken off the site several months ago... what does that have to do with 'your' five in the last month?

    --- This message was edited by on 27-Jan-2007 04:43:24 ---

    Mach_6 27-Jan-2007 04:40:37
    before we get into details to get the newer CP to work on your system, do you have Soaked and Wild?

    chrisps 27-Jan-2007 05:30:46
    I have soked and wild but I could not get the park to work on my computer the newer cedar point file I did what the read thing sayed in the read me file with the the park I changed the tex to the the tex that you told me to change I went under rct3 plus and changed the tex that was there to orngina tex and I put the new tex in the folder but the park still doesn't work am I doing things correctly it gets to 80 percent of egiving objects and then it goes back down to 70 percent and the it crashes to my desk top and gives me a error report what do I do to get the file to work? Can you please tell me how to get the new cedar point park to work becue I whould relly like to see the new cedar point park that you have made.

    Track_designer_RCT3 27-Jan-2007 06:09:39
    errr. it was taken down in Late(26th, 31st) December 2006 my other recs we made in 19th Dec, 17ty Dec, 3rd Dec, 26 Nov so i have only put up 1 in the last month and 6 in 2 months so i dont see waht you mean by several(at least 3 months)ago.

    Mach_6 27-Jan-2007 06:44:04
    to replace the options file... go to 'C:Documents and SettingsOwner...
    assuming it IS hidden (which it will be if you've never messed with it) go to tools (on the top) > folder options > view (tab) > click 'show hidden files and folders'
    Once you do that, you should be able to navigate as directed in the read me in order to replace the text.

    Mach_6 27-Jan-2007 06:54:29
    TD3 (getting too lazy to to spell the name), I had a GL recreation taken off several months ago, not in December (not sure of the date at the moment). I was traveling and not near a computer the dates you mentioned. I do know that I had a (this exact) Cedar Point taken off the beginning of last February. Don't want to drop the bomb, but ready to admit it's mine?

    Track_designer_RCT3 27-Jan-2007 11:04:05
    well i dont know about GL cos i put it up in december so several monhts ago was november last year. but is this GL rec the 1 i posted or a different 1

    --- This message was edited by on 27-Jan-2007 11:04:43 ---

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