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    RCT News
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain recreation for Soaked released (16-Dec-2005)
  • RCT3: Wild! Patch #1 released (01-Dec-2005)
    Q: Would you buy a third expansion pack for RCT3?
    Depends what it is
    Six Flags Magic Mountain Download 
    Descpription: Recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. View more screenshots here. Once downloaded, unzip the file and read the readme.txt file for further instructions on opening the park in the game.

    Created By: Oblivion
    Date Added: 21-May-2005
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 4779
    Rating: 10.0/10 (12 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Rctman33 21-May-2005 16:12:00
    this looks tight

    manordrive 21-May-2005 17:59:26
    hi, i have downloaded it but i dont know how to place it into my RCT3 file. Can you please explain it. Thanks.

    Webmaster 21-May-2005 18:27:18
    'Once downloaded, unzip the file and read the readme.txt file for further instructions on opening the park in the game.'

    Webmaster 22-May-2005 03:20:39
    The parks directory is under your c:my documentsRCT3 directory, or wherever you installed RCT3.

    Xtreme_Gz 22-May-2005 06:29:22
    I have a diffrent problem than adding the park onto the RCT3 file...everytime I try to load it up from the sandbox it always has reported an error when it stops downlaoding the Active Terrain.Whats up with it?

    Webmaster 22-May-2005 18:07:28
    Don't know, but you probably don't have enough free RAM to load the park.

    Casey 29-May-2005 23:51:07
    I've tried everything to open up this file. The 'Parks Directory' doesn't show up anywhere on my computer, and everytime I click the .dat file, it comes up with a lot of weird text.

    What do I do from there?

    Webmaster 30-May-2005 01:04:31
    Where exactly did you install RCT3? Find that directory and the parks directory is under it.

    Casey 02-Jun-2005 14:45:39
    I installed it under Desktop> My Computer> Local Disk> Program Files> Atari> RCT3

    I don't find it anywhere.

    Webmaster 02-Jun-2005 16:24:50
    There should be 2 RCT3 folders, one where you installed the game (the one you mentioned above) and the other under 'my documents', which you should find an RCT3 folder containing the 'parks' directory.

    Try seachring your hardrive for 'parks' using the Find File or Folders option under windows. Or contact Atari for help.

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