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    RCT News
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain recreation for Soaked released (16-Dec-2005)
  • RCT3: Wild! Patch #1 released (01-Dec-2005)
    Q: Would you buy a third expansion pack for RCT3?
    Depends what it is
    Six Flags Magic Mountain Download 
    Descpription: Recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. View more screenshots here. Once downloaded, unzip the file and read the readme.txt file for further instructions on opening the park in the game.

    Created By: Oblivion
    Date Added: 21-May-2005
    Game Required: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
    File Category: Park Recreations
    Downloads: 4780
    Rating: 10.0/10 (12 votes) | Rate

    Members' Comments

    Topic: Six Flags Magic Mountain
    Webmaster 06-Jul-2005 12:36:18
    We only host parks/files, we are not a technical forum, so I can't really offer you any help, I hardly ever play the game myself. You might want to read the following, it has has suggesions about getting better performance out of RCT3, which might include getting parks to run.


    ediot858 06-Jul-2005 19:45:10
    how do you unzip the file???

    Webmaster 06-Jul-2005 19:54:14
    try using: www.winzip.com

    ediot858 06-Jul-2005 21:37:03
    i aint spendin £30 on in! do any of you have it ?

    Casey 19-Jul-2005 07:21:53
    I have a new problem again. I just got a new computer, and I want to get this on here again. But this time, there is no rct3 under My documents.

    Look: http://img349.imageshack.us/img349/4285/untitled41aj.png

    shswrestling 10-Aug-2005 07:22:21
    Man i love it.It took only 3 min to come up on my screen no problem what so ever.You are the man i thank you for providing that to us it took a lot of work and effort you are the man i love great graphics.


    P.S post me back

    shswrestling 10-Aug-2005 07:24:42
    Ohhh and another thing man im having the worst luck trying to download the coasters on here u think u could help me with that thx

    Webmaster 10-Aug-2005 15:12:34
    What trouble are you having exactly?

    shswrestling 10-Aug-2005 16:06:00
    Well when i download a coaster i put it in my junk folder and from there i dont know what to do with that kind of file.Someone on there told me to open windows cammander copy the file and put it in my coaster folder but i dont know what windows cammander is.Its the same type of file u gave me but u click on it and an error pops up

    shswrestling 10-Aug-2005 16:44:41
    And another thing theres about 4 coasters that i cant open because it says that it is broken in to multiple sections of track and it says connect them first but i dont see where the track is brocken at do u know what the problem is

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