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    Beast Trainer Tutorials Guides on using advanced features of the Beast Trainer

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    Tutorial 1: Merging Tracks | Tutorial 2: Double Wide Paths

    Tutorial 1: Merging Tracks
    This example illustrates how to add a large loop (from a Steel Twister Coaster) onto a wooden roller coaster. The 1st coaster will be the Wooden coaster, and the 2nd coaster will be the Steel Twister coaster.

    Click here to download the Tutorial Park which features the working example of this tutorial.
    • You will need to run RCT in window mode. To do this, click in the disk icon in RCT, and then select "Options". You can then change the "Display Mode" to "Window".
    • Build the 1st coaster up to the point where you want to change the track to the 2nd coaster.
    • Where the track ends for the 1st coaster, build a station one tile long for the 2nd coaster. You may need to raise the land level on that tile before you build the station so that it is the same height as the last piece of track from the 1st coaster.
    • Once you have added all the track from the 2nd coaster, continue building the 1st coaster from where the track for the 2nd coaster ends.
    • Delete the station from the 2nd coaster.
    • Select "Begin Special Build Mode" on the trainer. Wait until the trainer displays the message "Begin Building".
    • Build the appropriate piece of track on the 2nd coaster to connect to the 1st coaster.
    • On the 1st coaster's construction window, select the appropriate piece of track that would connect to the 2nd coaster. See Fig.4.
    • Because you have to be EXTREMELY quick to fool RCT into merging the tracks, you will need to position the trainer so that when you click on the "Execute Build Thru" command; the mouse pointer is directly above the construction window's track piece you are trying to add. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
    • Click on the trainer's "Execute Build Thru" command, and as soon as the menu disappears click again on the track in the construction window. If you have done this correctly, the track on the 2nd coaster will flash.
      If the track is not flashing, then you were not quick enough or you did something wrong! You will need to delete the section of track you have just added and repeat the procedure from where you "Select Begin Special Build Mode".
    • To connect the 2nd coaster back to the 1st coaster, you need to do the same, only you have to build the connecting pieces of track of the 2nd coaster through the 1st coaster.
    • Once all the track is connected you will need to change the operating mode of the 1st coaster to "Powered Launch Mode", and set it to a launch speed of about 4 or 5 mph. If you do not do this, the coaster will not work and RCT will say the track is incomplete. If the "Powered Launch Mode" is not available, which in the case of this example it is not, you will change it with the "Modify Ride" features.
    • You can connect as many track types as you want, but it is a lot easier just to have two.
    • It may take several attempts for you to get this to work, but it is possible, and once you have the hang of it, it is very easy.
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